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Remarkable Grand Canyon Experiences

Grand Canyon Destinations is family-owned, offering authentic local experiences at affordable pricing. We provide a lens into the Southwest that’s unlike any landmark excursion you’ve experienced before. We are the only Las Vegas-based bus tour company that does not use a check-in terminal. This allows for you to utilize our direct pickup system straight from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. Convenient right?

We know that we provide the best Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas because of our commitment to our guests. We have convenient hotel pickups as well as included stops along your trip for food and restroom breaks. Join us to witness the wonder of the Grand Canyon. With a tour company who cares about you, you will have a great experience from start to finish.

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon attractions couldn’t be more different. Traveling with us, you can trust that you will experience both places to their fullest potential. We offer Las Vegas bus tours to the South Rim, West Rim, and locally in Las Vegas. We also provide tours to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, so we know we have the tour for you.

A tour participant overlooks the Grand Canyon's Horseshoe Bend

Customizable Travel Experiences

Grand Canyon Destinations can also provide customizable travel experiences for anyone celebrating a family reunion, a wedding, or any other occasion in Vegas. Whether you go on one of our day trips or choose to personalize the experience, we can offer you a journey from Vegas like no other.

In addition, we provide information through specially trained tour guides. While other tour companies use their bus driver to provide tour details, we believe this should be a separate function. Therefore, we want to make certain that your trip is both informative and safe. Most tour guides can speak in either English or Spanish, per your request.

See Awesome Aerial Views

So, what do you want to do on your day trip or a longer journey from Las Vegas? Besides bus transport, you may want to opt for an air tour of Grand Canyon West. By taking an airplane or helicopter from Vegas, you can shorten the time it takes for travel and see some awesome aerial views of canyon cliffs and outcroppings.

Let Us Take Care of All Your Grand Canyon Destinations Travel Needs

While traveling to the South Rim or West Rim of the Grand Canyon are major tours we provide, we can also personalize packages to sights, such as Zion National Park and Horseshoe Bend. If you would like to go backcountry camping or want information on obtaining backcountry permits, we can also help you with these inquiries.

Here For Your Needs


It can be difficult to know which tour will work for your group, schedule, budget, and interests. Conveniently, Grand Canyon Destinations can provide customizable and affordable tours for any group size and preference. When you visit Las Vegas, Grand Canyon tours must cross your mind. Luckily for anyone inexperienced with this destination, we have everything you need.

We offer a variety of tours in Las Vegas and other destinations. You can get an aerial view of Las Vegas City Lights, or a walking tour of Grand Canyon National Park. Whatever you want to do, we have a trip planned and ready for you.

When making accommodations with us, each special occasion deserves to be celebrated to the fullest! It is Vegas after all. From weddings to reunions to retreats, we have a tour for you at a price that can’t be beat! Let us know how we can specialize your excursion, and we are happy to accommodate you. We’ll lead you to beautiful and lesser known viewpoints for incredible photos that will leave you lasting memories!

Open the Door to a New Adventure

Have you ever seen bighorn sheep or mule antelope? If not, you may see them on a daytrip to Grand Canyon National Park. Use your booking code as a kind of key to open the door to a new adventure. Whether you want to reserve a longer stay at Bright Angel Lodge, or wish to hike and camp along the Bright Angel Trail, we can help you plan the right tour for you.

Diverse Travel Experiences

Only at the Grand Canyon will you see animals, such as the California condor, or be introduced to the Colorado River on the canyon floor. You can also book a stay at one of the canyon hotels if you wish to extend your canyon adventure. We can accommodate any canyon planning to the canyon’s North Rim, South Rim, or West Rim. Therefore, our canyon tours are as diverse as the canyon rims themselves.

For instance, a trip to the canyon’s South Rim is a tour that takes visitors on a tour of Grand Canyon National Park. Compare that to a trip to Grand Canyon West. All rim tours are different, even though they all take you to the Grand Canyon.

The North Rim is more remote and cannot be accessed throughout the year like other parts of the canyon. However, if you want a more laid-back experience, and you’ve already visited another part of the canyon, you may want to graduate into this sightseeing experience.

Check The Weather Before Your Tour

Before you plan a hike or trip, you need to factor in the climate differences in canyon sites. For example, because of a small dip in the Colorado Plateau of about an inch to two inches, the North Rim stands almost 1,200 feet higher than the South Rim. The Colorado Plateau represents a four-corner region in the Southwest, comprising Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. The plateau is made up of mesas (tablelands) situated in an expansive basin surrounded by higher cliffs.

Therefore, the change in climate can be dramatic when you travel from the Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It can also be vastly different if you travel from the South Rim to the Colorado River below. In fact, the temperature can feel like Death Valley at the top and be 20 degrees cooler toward the canyon floor. That kind of temperature difference is something you can avoid if you only take a day trip to a popular destination like Grand Canyon National Park. However, you will still need to plan accordingly for the weather of that season.

You can check the Grand Canyon South Rim weather here for up to date reports.

Experiencing the Peace and Beauty of the Canyon

Indeed, you will experience a feeling of extreme calm and peace wherever your canyon travels take you. The Grand Canyon serves as a home to many Native American tribes who still follow Native American spiritual customs. Promoters of resort developments have been trying for years to develop lands, such as the Navajos’ Grand Canyon Escalade. However, so far, nothing has come out of this venture. Indigenous people want to live in peace in the canyon and experience its natural beauty.

Did you know that a uranium mine is located close to the South Rim? Mining of this type is also disagreeable to the people who inhabit these parts. That is why we, at Grand Canyon Destinations, believe that travel to canyons should be inspiring – lacking in commercialization and supporting each area’s natural beauty.

How you choose to travel near and around Las Vegas can be easily collaborated with a travel professional.  Grand Canyon tours take many forms. However, our two favorite ways to travel include a comfortable bus trip to the Grand Canyon Skywalk at Grand Canyon West and a trip to the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park.

Take a Look at the Grand Canyon Destinations FAQs

If you choose to stay more than a day, you can book a room or suite at one of the Grand Canyon hotels, such as El Tovar Hotel, or Grand Canyon lodges inside or outside the park. To fully acquaint yourself with our site, we suggest that you visit the frequently asked questions page before you book travel for any Grand Canyon, AZ  outing.

Traveling by Train

You may also wish to take a train via the Grand Canyon Railway. We offer this option as well during certain seasons.  We suggest traveling by train in the winter to the Grand Canyon South Rim, as doing so adds a good deal to holiday cheer. If you want to expand your knowledge about train travel in the US, taking a locomotive via the railway is a great way to do so. 

Visiting the Skywalk

We receive a lot of requests during the year about the Grand Canyon Skywalk at the West Rim.  If you want a more laid-back travel experience, we suggest traveling to this part of the canyon. This area’s land is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indians.  The Skywalk is a see-through horse-shoe shaped platform bridge that permits you to see far down into the canyon’s depths. Although it is made of reinforced glass, the bridge can withstand hurricane type winds and seismic activity, registering 8.0 on the Richter scale.

If you prefer to see the Grand Canyon by air, we can also arrange helicopter tours to major points of the Grand Canyon. It does not matter if you choose to stay for a few days at a Grand hotel or maintain Las Vegas as your travel base, we can accommodate your vacation plans by scheduling air travel in and outside the canyon.

Visiting Navajo Country

Maybe you want to start your adventure just outside the canyon. If so, you may want to start in Navajo country, at Marble Canyon, rafting toward the head of the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry.  To plan this type of adventure, it is good to review Grand Canyon history. For example, you may want to read about canyon explorer John Wesley Powell, who explored the canyon and the entire length of the Colorado River during the 1800s.  The explorer wanted to visit the canyon to better understand the practices and culture of Native Americans in the area.

You too can follow part of the journey that Wesley took, or plan your own version of a visit to Native American tribal lands. For example, the Navajo National monument is a popular and free attraction outside of the canyon park system in Shonto, AZ in the northwest. Part of the Navajo Nation, it was established to showcase and preserve the ancient cliff dwellings of the ancestral Puebloans.


The Grand Canyon Destinations Difference


The standard Grand Canyon tour companies use a driver and tour guide in one. This person then has to check guests in, narrate the tour, pass out lunches, answer questions, and drive a 40,000 pound vehicle safely.

At Grand Canyon Destinations, we value safety and customer service. That is why we have a separate driver and tour guide on every tour bus. Your dedicated tour guide will be there to guide you, share facts and stories, answer your questions, and help you with any needs throughout the tour.

And, of course, English and Spanish speaking guides are available upon request.

Travel Along Route 66 To The Grand Canyon Caverns

One of the most unique benefits of traveling with Grand Canyon Destinations is our Route 66 and Grand Canyon Caverns stop. Most tour companies choose to drive along the modern day highway that passes over this area. With us, you will get the chance to drive along Route 66 to witness its amazing views and experience its historic and nostalgic nature. 

Grand Canyon Destinations is also the only tour company that stops off at the Grand Canyon Caverns on all our Grand Canyon tours. The caverns were discovered nearly 100 years ago and hold so much history to share with visitors. During your time at the caverns, you will be able to add an optional caverns tour, or you can enjoy exploring the grounds and the time to stretch and take a break.

If you do decide to add a caverns tour, you will not regret it! This tour takes guests 210 feet below ground in an elevator to explore the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon Caverns. You have to see the huge caverns for yourself to truly experience them. You will take a 45-minute guided tour of the caverns to learn all about their impressive history and features. Once the group is done at the caverns, tours will continue along Route 66 and towards the Grand Canyon for the main attraction of the day.

Planning a Grand Canyon Destinations Adventure

When you base yourself in Las Vegas, you will find that you can see a great many natural sites close to you in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Again, you can go on one of the Grand Canyon Destination day trips, or extend your travel plans in the surrounding area. For example, you might consider a stay at one of the North Rim hotels or check on North Rim tours. Maybe you would rather walk the North and South Rims, thereby adding challenge to your travel adventure.

You can also obtain park information online and learn more about rim to rim hiking. By traveling with us, you can get the advice you need to plan a day trip or longer journey. This travel will make your stay in Las Vegas even more exciting. For instance, you may want to take a mule train and stay at Phantom Ranch, a remote lodging location whose address is on North Kaibab Trail. You can only get to the ranch in one of three ways – by foot, by mule, or by raft.

Before You Start Planning

Before you start planning your canyon trip, you should take a look at a map of Vegas and the surrounding area. Get acquainted with some of the points on the map. Did you know that you can also take a tour at the Hoover Dam when you stay in Las Vegas? We can also schedule a half-day trip to the Hoover Dam. This tour provides an in and out tour of the dam as well as amazing views. You will see Lake Mead and the Colorado River from this point.

It is also helpful to read about Grand Canyon history. Besides John Wesley Powell, other canyon notables include the Kolb brothers (famous photographers in the early years at the canyon) and Mary Colter, who designed many of the buildings at the South Rim. A guano mine once was active at the West Rim as well.

How Long Will You Be Staying in Vegas?

How long will you stay in Las Vegas? Ask yourself if a day trip or longer canyon excursion would be preferable. Do you want to go by comfortable bus or railway, or would you rather take a mule train to the floor of the canyon? Maybe you would like to participate in rafting or zip lining. The west rim of the canyon features zip lining for visitors.

As you can see, you have a lot to consider when you plan a canyon adventure from Las Vegas. See how much you can spend and how much time you can take for the activity. Don’t rent a car when you can take a bus or travel by train. Doing so will allow you to relax and enjoy all the beautiful scenery. Once you have in mind what you want to do, talk to Grand Canyon Destinations about planning the ideal trip – a unique journey created especially for you.

A tour group overlooks the Grand Canyon

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Call us at (702) 888-1883 and specify which Grand Canyon from Las Vegas bus tour you would like to take. From there, our transportation team will handle the rest . They will assign to you one of our experienced bus drivers and tour guides. All our guides are thoroughly trained to provide you with interesting facts, stories and information during your journey. That way, you won’t miss out on a second of the action! Contact us to experience the breathtaking Grand Canyon with the best canyon tour company at an unbeatable price.

Check on Any Discounts

When you book travel with us, see about any promo code we may be offering. That way, you can take even more off of our affordable prices.  Whether you end up at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, stay at one of the rim hotels, or seek access by the river corridor of the Colorado, we have you covered.

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