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Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

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Grand Canyon SOUTH RIM one day Tour Details

This Tour Includes:

  • We offer a delicious breakfast snack and a box lunch.
  • Spend 3 hours exploring a natural world wonder.
  • We provide pick-up and drop-off near and around most hotels. Don’t see your meeting spot for pick up on the list? Please contact us at  (866) 717-8687 to help arrange for transportation to a convenient meeting spot for pick-up.
  • Our drivers care about you. Yes, our drivers are tour guides that are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
  • Plenty of water is provided on tour.
  • We provide luxury bus trips that are comfortable.

Please Note:

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours from the start of tour.
  • We DO NOT use a check-in terminal; we leave directly after hotel pickups.
  • There are no additional fees on the day of tour.
  • No fuel surcharge.
  • A restroom is located on the tour bus.
  • Movies and entertainment are provided.
  • Times are approximate and are subject to change.
  • Pick-ups will begin at approximately 6:00 AM.
  • Duration – Approximately 15 hours

Tour Itinerary:

  • 6:00 AM begin pickups for the Grand Canyon South Rim tour.
  • Stop at Hoover Dam.
  • Spend 3 hours on your Grand Canyon South Rim tour at the National Park.
  • Comfort stop at In-N-Out Burger in Kingman, AZ.
  • Arrive back in Las Vegas at approximately 9:30 PM.
  • The Las Vegas tour bus will drop-off at the same pickup locations

P.S. – All times are approximate and are subject to change.

Are food and beverages included in the Grand Canyon bus tour?

On our Grand Canyon South Rim tour, a light breakfast snack and a delicious deli lunch are included. The water it’s on us. All you can drink!

Is a gratuity expected?

Tips are accepted and appreciated for a job well done. We suggest a 10% tip minimum, which is industry standard.

What items should we bring?

Bring your camera to capture and preserve beautiful memories. A government-issued photo ID is required for all flight tours. Other helpful things to bring are beverages with a screw-on cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and cash or credit cards if you’re planning to purchase anything such as souvenirs!

What should we wear?

There are big changes in weather when going to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Dressing in layers is suggested year round as summer monsoon storms are common. For the winter months, dress in warm clothing. Remember to wear sunblock and hats for protection.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer free cancellation up to 24 hours from the start of the tour. Cancellations received less than 24 hours from the start of the tour will not be refunded. To be considered for a refund, please email custsvc@grandcanyondestinations.com

Are there any additional fees or surcharges?

We do not charge a fuel surcharge, and there are no other charges on the day of your Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour.

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Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour Description


Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

A South Rim Bus Tour to the Grand Canyon is one of the best ways to spend a day in Las Vegas. If you are seeking a South Rim bus tour that is the best in Las Vegas, you will find that Grand Canyon Destinations offers incredible day trips that provide the ultimate in comfort and entertainment.

Your day tour begins in the morning with a pickup from or near your Las Vegas hotel around 6:00 AM. We provide a complimentary breakfast snack and bottled water to each Grand Canyon visitor to enjoy along the journey. Our luxury coach tour travels in a bus that provides adjustable and cushioned seating to ensure your comfort. Every tour also has an experienced tour staff to guide you on your adventure.


Visit Hoover Dam On Your Canyon Day Trip

Experience the Grand Canyon’s South Rim or West Rim with our Grand Canyon tour service. Each scheduled day trip to the Grand Canyon includes a brief visit to Hoover Dam. This stop is short, but allows you to take some excellent pictures. You can upload your photos to Facebook and Instagram to show your vacation when you return home. While some tour providers skip the Hoover Dam, we include it in all our Grand Canyon National Park tour excursions.


Different Canyon Tours Options

Visitors to Vegas can choose to see the canyon in many ways. We offer air tours, a bus tour from Las Vegas, or helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon. If you are a fist-time visitor, it is easier to take a convenient bus tour to the canyon. A helicopter tour where you fly to the Grand Canyon is a great option once you have seen the canyon by bus. By taking one of the Grand Canyon South Rim tours with Grand Canyon Destinations, you can see Grand Canyon National Park and the Hoover Dam up close. Both locations are excellent introductions to this part of the desert southwest.

If you visit Grand Canyon National Park, you can explore Grand Canyon Village. The South Rim also offers a park shuttle service where you can hop on and off to see notable overlooks.


The Main Visitor’s Center At The South Rim

For any first-time visitor, taking a South Rim bus tour makes sense, as you can get acquainted to this part of the Grand Canyon by participating in ranger-led talks or stopping by the main visitor’s center for Grand Canyon information. At the visitor center, guests can watch an IMAX movie about South Rim rock formation, viewpoints, and attractions.


Possible Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour Upgrades

By taking one of our day trips, you can choose to upgrade your tour to include a walking tour guide. Taking a guided walking tour of the Grand Canyon allows you to learn more about the history and formation of the canyon while enjoying the amazing views. See the Colorado River and the beautiful rock formations from up high on the canyon’s rim while your dedicated and knowledgeable tour guide leads you along the rim trail.


Seeing the South Rim And What To Expect

All these choices may leave you wondering what you will experience if you take one of the standard South Rim bus tour packages through Grand Canyon Destinations. The information below will give you more details along these lines.

Our hotel pickup and drop off services begin in the early morning hours. It takes a little over 4 hours to reach the South Rim located in Grand Canyon National Park. Once you arrive at the South Rim, you will have 3 hours to explore the park. During this time, you will be able to take a walking tour with your tour guide, or explore on your own. You will have enough time to walk the Trail of Time along the South Rim from Mather Point to Bright Angel Lodge. This walk will give you the most impressive views available from the South Rim Grand Canyon.

Once it is time to meet your bus, you will board your luxury coach for the trip back to Las Vegas. You can sit back and relax after a long day. There will be a short dinner stop on the way back, then it is smooth sailing to your Las Vegas drop off location. Tours will be dropped off at the same location they were picked up that morning.


Some Grand Canyon Facts

To get acquainted with the Grand Canyon, it helps to know some facts about the South Rim and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was formed around 6 million years ago. The Colorado River eroded a channel about a mile deep by cutting through hundreds of red rock layers.

Besides the once-in-a-lifetime views, Grand Canyon National Park features plenty of opportunities to experience wildlife and history. You can see several historical buildings and museums at the South Rim, as well as hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

The Grand Canyon lives up to its name as it spans about 277 miles or 446 km, and is as much as 18 miles or 29 km wide. Besides the South Rim, which contains Grand Canyon National Park, you can also see the canyon if you take a Grand Canyon West tour. Grand Canyon Destinations travels to the most popular places for canyon visitors, therefore a South Rim bus tour and Grand Canyon West bus tour are the major day trips that we offer.

Being one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is one of the most-visited attractions on the planet. The high season at the Grand Canyon is summer. So, if you plan to travel and take a luxury tour bus during this time, expect higher temperatures and more people. However, you can enjoy the air-conditioned bus ride to the park and offset problems with crowds by opting for a guided day trip rather than renting a car.


Listening To A Ranger-Led Talk On A South Rim Bus Tour

If you do plan to visit the South Rim for the day, you may want to take one of the shorter hikes, or enjoy an activity, such as watching the IMAX film at the visitor center or participating in Grand Canyon National Park Ranger activities. You may also want to use the hop on- hop off shuttle to go through Grand Canyon Village. Rangers provide talks at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center inside the park as well.


Take Some Memorable Photos

If you have one day to visit the Grand Canyon, and plan to travel from Las Vegas, you will want to head to the South Rim and take a South Rim bus tour with Grand Canyon Destinations. We are the number one luxury bus tour company from Las Vegas to the canyon. Not only will you have a great chance to experience a photo opportunity like no other on our tours, you can see these amazing sights in just a few hours’ time.


Why South Rim Bus Tours are So Popular

A South Rim bus tour will take you to the least remote of the Grand Canyon locations. You can enjoy more amenities and historic sites with a tour of this kind while still seeing the famous Grand Canyon. Unlike other areas though, the South Rim is open throughout the year, even on holidays. Therefore, a South Rim bus tour is one of the most popular ways to see the Grand Canyon, whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

Many visitors ask about seeing the Grand Canyon Skywalk on a Grand Canyon tour. The Skywalk is located at the West Rim of the canyon, however, so you will not see it on a South Rim tour. This attraction, too, is definitely worth seeing when you take a Grand Canyon West Rim tour. Besides a South Rim bus tour, you may consider a day trip to Grand Canyon West and the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk.

When you visit the South Rim, you will want to see the canyon from some of the popular viewpoints there. One of the viewpoints that is visited frequently is Mather Point. This sunrise and sunset spot in Grand Canyon National Park features railed overlooks that give you a great photo opportunity. You can easily get to Mather Point, as it is an approximate 2-minute walk from the main Grand Canyon Visitor Center. You can also take a shuttle on a hot summer day.


Dropping In At The Main Visitor Center At The South Rim

When you arrive at the South Rim, you will first want to explore the main visitor center in the park. This hub makes any South Rim bus tour more enlightening and engaging. Here you can learn more about park activities, ranger programs, specific attractions, and how the park’s free shuttle system operates. You can also buy souvenirs from the Grand Canyon gift shop in the visitor center or get some snacks and a grab-and-go food at the food counter.

The main visitor center is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, so you will have plenty of time to look around. Take a quick look or visit the center shortly after you arrive. After stopping in at the visitor center, ride the shuttle or walk along the rim to see the incredible viewpoints.


How Grand Canyon Tour Shuttles Operate

You can take an outbound shuttle from Grand Canyon Village at 15 to 30-minute intervals. It just depends on the season. If you plan to hike, you need to plan carefully before you add it to your day trip itinerary. The shuttle can take you to viewpoints along the canyon that would be too far to walk to on a Grand Canyon South tour. However, you will need to be sure you have enough time on you tour to take the shuttle and return to the points of interest.


Hiking On A South Rim Bus Tour Day Trip

Usually, if you take a South Rim bus tour, you can take a part of the park’s Rim Trail or a span of the Bright Angel Trail. These trails are accessible and moderate, so you can take these trails regardless of your level of fitness. Again, you just need to carefully plan your excursion. We, at Grand Canyon Destinations, also offer Grand Canyon walking tours if you want to have a guide show you around the park. Our South Rim walking tours very depending on the season, but typically cover parts of these trails mentioned above.

One of the best trails to explore is the South Rim Trail on a South Rim bus tour. This easy hike has a minimal change in elevation. While the trail stretches for 13 miles, you will not have time to hike the whole path on a day tour. You can accompany your walking tour guide on a portion of the path to see the main Grand Canyon views. If you want to experience the entire trail, you will have to spend more time at the canyon.


The Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail allows you to go below the canyon’s rim. You can stop at numerous rest houses. The trail also features a switchback about every 1.5 miles, which gives you the chance to turn around when you want to take a shorter hike.

The Bright Angel Trail begins west of Bright Angel Lode and concludes at Plateau Point. The nicely maintained dirt trail features some shade. You have to be careful when hiking the Bright Angle Trail, as the elevation can change unexpectedly. You may also underestimate the steepness of the path and may find it challenging to climb back up the trail. Keep this in mind, especially if you take a South Rim bus tour during the summertime.

This trail is easy to locate and has great views and features along it. Always be sure when walking down into the canyon that you leave plenty of time for the hike back uphill to the canyon’s rim when you are done.


Always Drink Plenty Of Water

It is crucial that you make sure you stay well-hydrated while at the Grand Canyon. The dry climate and hot temperatures can easily cause dehydration. Don’t forget to bring along and apply sunscreen before your tour as well. Protection from the sun through sunscreen and a hat is a must in the Grand Canyon.


Alternatives To A South Rim Bus Tour

If you wish, you can bypass the South Rim bus tour and instead head over to Grand Canyon West and the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a unique attraction as it is a see-through glass bridge that looks far down to the canyon floor. It was constructed by the Hualapai tribe, which owns the West Rim. Grand Canyon West is not part of the US Park System like the South Rim.


A Fun And Exciting Day Tour And Journey

As you can see, a South Rim bus tour leads to some amazing activities. Whether you are a first-time visitor or have seen the South Rim before, a South Rim bus tour from Las Vegas is the way to go. Make the most of your Grand Canyon day tour by contacting a leading Vegas bus tour company. At Grand Canyon Destinations, we make any Grand Canyon tour fun, educational, comfortable, and memorable.

Besides a South Rim bus tour, we also offer a West Rim bus tour, a Hoover Dam tour, and a tour that leads to Zion National Park. You don’t have to take airplane tours to shorten the time of a day trip itinerary. Grand Canyon Destinations makes day tours affordable and inclusive. Enjoy the breakfast snack we offer to keep you nourished in route to Hoover Dam and the South Rim, and opt for other travel ad-ons, such as a walking tour, to make your trip even better.

A bus tour from Las Vegas or a Canyon South Rim bus tour is one coach tour that gives you plenty to see. Your Grand Canyon trip by bus allows you several hours to explore and savor the scenery. Departing from and arriving at Las Vegas hotels, our luxury bus fleet makes motor coach travel a memorable and exciting experience.

If you plan to stay longer than a day, you might schedule a stay at the Bright Angel Lodge or El Tovar Hotel at the South Rim.


Count On Us To Get You The Trip Information You Need

Whether you want to see a national forest or plan to visit a National Geographic visitors center, you can choose from one of several popular tours through Grand Canyon Destinations. Would you like to include an optional upgrade? We can give you information about rim hotels or provide details about specific rims of the canyon.

Our tour guides are fully knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon and other canyon areas. Your tour includes full travel amenities – a luxury bus with cushioned seats, panoramic windows, and plenty of opportunities to sit back and relax. Whether you eventually take a West Rim bus tour or plan to take one of the helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon, seeing the South Rim is the best way to get acquainted and explore the canyon.


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