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South Rim view

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Grab a seat on our Grand Canyon tour bus and go sightseeing in comfort, and style. No check-in terminals, no waiting. Experience the Mojave Desert scenery as you travel along historic Route 66 to Grand Canyon National Park.

$188 $84


South Rim view

Grand Canyon South Rim Small Group Tour

Don’t forget your camera; our tour guide will lend a hand and take your photos so your memories will last a lifetime. Want to touch that rock or learn more about that artifact? Our professionally trained guides will lead the way!

$300 $238


About the Grand Canyon South Rim


Grand Canyon National Park- Visiting The South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the greatest adventure tours you can take from Las Vegas. At Grand Canyon Destinations, we offer this trip from Las Vegas for adventure seekers of all ages. No need to apply for back country permits or rent a car to travel. We take care of all the details so you can have a relaxing and luxurious tour experience.

Touring Grand Canyon National Park With Grand Canyon Destinations

Grand Canyon National Park continues to be one of the most popular Vegas day trips offered. For most people, visiting the park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will see scenery that is beautiful and unique, and you can do so while traveling by comfortable bus.

Whether you opt to see Grand Canyon National Park by bus, VIP van, or with a walking tour guide, you won’t forget the tour experience. Our South Rim Grand Canyon National Park tour features a large number of sites, both of geological and historical significance. Therefore, you will want to include it on your bucket list of things to do and see.

Why Most Trips Feature Tours of Grand Canyon National Park At The South Rim

Most tours from Las Vegas will take you to the South Rim. That is because this is the area of the national park and it is most well known. It is possible to visit other more remote parts of the Grand Canyon, such as the West Rim. However, a journey to the South Rim guarantees you will see plenty of natural beauty and history. The South Rim is home to two visitor centers as well as Grand Canyon Village, a national historic landmark.

Grand Canyon Destinations can help you create a customized trip to any section of the Grand Canyon you desire. However, we schedule regular trips to Grand Canyon National Park and the West Rim, owned by the Hualapai people, year-round. Some guests wonder about the North Rim of the canyon. The North Rim is extremely remote and can only be accessed from June through September each year. With proper planning, it is possible to visit there.

Viewpoints To Check Out

Our tour to Grand Canyon National Park and the South Rim is different. The tour allows park visitors to admire the scenery from many viewpoints in the park. Not every tour operator offers this trip advantage. Some of the viewpoints and scenic sites of note include the following:

Mather Point

Located by the main entrance to Grand Canyon National Park, Mather Point is one viewpoint you don’t want to miss. In fact, this is where we begin our guided South Rim tours. The viewpoint provides an introduction to the canyon’s enormity. Viewing the scenery at sunrise and sunset provides stunning and peaceful views.

Trail Of Time

Once you have spent time enjoying Mather Point, you will have the chance to walk along the Trail of Time. If you have chosen to add a walking tour guide on your tour, this is when they will walk with you. Along the way, they will share interesting canyon facts and history. The trail of time has a number of outlooks and views to be seen along the way. Some are hidden closer to the canyon’s edge, but our tour guides know the best photo spots. They will always point out great views and be there to take that amazing vacation photo for you.

Yavapai Point And Geology Museum

Located along the Trail of Time, Yavapai Point and museum are about halfway between Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge. This viewpoint, which includes the Yavapai observation platform and geology museum, allows canyon visitors to see some great natural landmarks. When you enter the museum, you can get a grasp on the canyon’s size.

There is a panoramic window that allows for a wide view into the canyon from high above. From this point, you can capture sight of the Colorado River and glimpse the Phantom Ranch. You can also catch views of the Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails. Observation scopes along the trail enable you to get closer looks. This point is definitely a must-see for first-time canyon visitors.

Lookout Studio

While it is not considered a viewpoint, you can enjoy great photo opportunities at this observation point. The building, built by architect Mary Colter, draws photographers as well as visitors to its gift shop. Therefore, it serves as a great place to grab some souvenirs during your visit in Grand Canyon National Park.

Bright Angel Lodge

The Bright Angel Lodge is where you will end your official walking tour at the South Rim. Once here, there are many things to see and do. Restaurants, gift shops, overlooks, rest areas, views, and more can be found near the lodge. Grab and ice cream and enjoy it while viewing the mighty Grand Canyon. Or maybe take a farther stroll to get some different canyon views.

Bright Angel Trailhead

After reaching Bright Angel Lodge you may want to check out this unique trail. Many visitors hike Bright Angel Trail to see the views while heading down into the canyon. While a single day tour does not allow enough time to hike all the way to the canyon floor, you can still take a stroll down part of this trail. The popular Bright Angel Trail provides exclusive access to some incredible views of the canyon, the Colorado River, and much more. Hiking a few minutes from the rim, you will be rewarded with a majestic view of the Colorado River. The river winds its way through the canyon among stunning red, pink, and gold mesas and plateaus.

More To See Than Just One Day

There is so much more to see than what is possible in just a one-day trip. There are countless famous and unique viewpoints and overlooks to see at the Grand Canyon if you have more time. Hopi Point, Plateau Point, Desert View Drive, Ooh Ah Point, Grandview, Moran, and Lipan Points are among some of the most notable views. Many of these require planning, hiking, and a little more work than the paths at the South Rim main area.

If you do decide to extend your stay at the canyon, we are able to help arrange your travel plans. It is possible to travel from Las Vegas on a tour bus one day, stay over multiple nights, then return on the day of your choosing. We want you to have the best Grand Canyon experience possible. Therefore, we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs while traveling.

 Customized Travel Options

If our regular day trips to Grand Canyon National Park South Rim or West Rim don’t work for you, we can customize any tour for you. In addition to your stay in Vegas, you may want to secure lodging at the Grand Canyon. With reservations, there are available hotels, lodges, such as Bright Angel Lodge, and nearby cabins to rent.

Staying At Bright Angel Lodge

This may be a good idea if you plan to raft or spend any time hiking outside of Las Vegas. If you choose to stay at Bright Angel Lodge, you need to plan in advance. You can choose a standard lodge arrangement with shared or private bathroom, or a cabin.

Some cabins come with a partial view and a fireplace. These are nice to stay at during the cooler seasons. You can also book suites if you prefer luxury to rusticity. Grand Canyon National Park lodges and amenities abound when you visit the South Rim. Whether you spend a day or longer in the park, we can assist you with your travel plans. 

Other Accommodations

While Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins rests on the rim in Grand Canyon National Park, Phantom Ranch sits on the canyon floor. In fact, it is the only canyon lodge that has this distinction. The lodge provides a great stay for anyone wanting to explore Grand Canyon trails by mule or by rafting the Colorado River, or its tributary, the Little Colorado River.

You can also charter a Grand Canyon helicopter to the lodging from Flagstaff, Arizona or other nearby locations. A Grand Canyon tour to the canyon floor by mule, raft, or hiking should be planned far in advance of your stay. Doing so will ensure that your place is secured as a mule rider, water rafter, or hiker staying at the lodge.

El Tovar Hotel

Another canyon lodge of note is El Tovar Hotel. This historic accommodation, which opened in 1905, resides on the rim of the canyon. It was designed by the chief architect of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway, Charles Whittlesey. The chalet and Norwegian design of the property owes its appearance to materials made from Oregon pine and area limestone.

We can help you plan one of varying Grand Canyon tour options at Grand Canyon Destinations. Whether you want to take the train to Grand Canyon National Park via the Grand Canyon railway or prefer to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk on the West Rim, we know how to coordinate travel so everything works. 

What To Do At The Grand Canyon

Besides hiking through Grand Canyon National Park, you may be interested in exploring the park by river raft, participating in one of the mule rides, or arranging a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. As noted, some visitors enjoy seeing the park and the surrounding area via the Grand Canyon railway. If you are not quite sure what to do, contact us here at Grand Canyon Destinations for travel advice.

For example, you may want to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk on a Grand Canyon vacation. If so, you would want to take the Grand Canyon tour to the West Rim. The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is not a part of Grand Canyon National Park. West Rim travelers who head to the Skywalk visit land that is owned by the Hualapai Native American people. The Skywalk is also located at this site. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a sturdy glass, see-through platform that juts out over the canyon.

Don’t worry though about falling through, as this platform is designed to hold just over 70 747 jet planes and 800 people weighing 200 pounds. Plus, no more than 120 people are allowed on the platform at one time. The walkway and observation platform can also withstand wind gusts of 100 miles per hour and an earthquake of 8.0 in magnitude on the Richter scale.

Visiting Grand Canyon Village

The main reason most Grand Canyon visitors like visiting Grand Canyon National Park for their first visit is Grand Canyon Village – a world heritage site and historic site known for its architecture and free shuttle service. Mary Colter, a world renowned architect in the early 20th century, designed many of the buildings in the village. Some of her creations include Kolb Studio, Hermit’s Rest, Hopi House, and one of the South Rim hotels, the Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins. Colter was also responsible for designing and building the Desert Watch Tower at Desert Watch Viewpoint.

 Visiting the Famous Hoover Dam

If you want to travel to the Hoover Dam, you can on a short-day trip to the dam. The bus will pick you up in the morning and take you back to your hotel in the afternoon.

You will find, if you plan to vacation in Las Vegas, you can visit national forest sites as well as see national monument and national historic sites in the surrounding area. National park lodges can also be visited in more places than Grand Canyon National Park. You can find lodges in Utah parks that Grand Canyon Destinations visits as well. Most of the rim hotels, however, are located on the South Rim, or in Grand Canyon National Park.

Booking A Tour With Grand Canyon Destinations

If you wish to schedule rim tours, you need to let us know your travel times and whether you plan to visit South or West Rim. Do you want to participate in one of the regularly scheduled South Rim tours? Or perhaps customize travel by choosing one of our other tours we feature from time to time.

Whether you plan to see the red rocks in one of the Utah National Parks or wish to see the geology in a Grand Canyon location, we can help you with your rim directions and touring plans. You can travel rim to rim, or follow the Rim Trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

Maybe you want to explore Sunset Crater north of Flagstaff. Again, you have a lot of scenery you can view surrounding your hub, Las Vegas.

We Can Point You In The Right Direction

By choosing a Las Vegas travel company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you can receive travel information as well as plan a trip geared specifically to your travel needs. Our trained tour professionals and travel guides can point you in the right direction.

Whatever wonder of the world you plan to visit near Nevada, we are always poised to make your trip memorable and exciting. Give us a call today. Arrange your next Grand Canyon travel experience or outdoor escape from Las Vegas now.

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As per the company policy, we have a 72-hour cancellation notice required when booking for 10, or more passengers in order to receive a full refund. failure in doing so will result in cancellation fees.

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