Top Activities in Las Vegas For 2020

Activities in Las Vegas provide something for everyone to enjoy. Traveling to Vegas today provides many more activities than people realize. Touring the Strip, gambling, watching a show, or eating at a fine dining restaurant is not all you can do. Your activities in Las Vegas should also include some area adventures. Adventures like travel to the South Rim or a visit to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are a couple of favorites.

See The Grand Canyon

One of the most popular areas of the Grand Canyon, the South Rim, boasts easy access. The area has amazing views of the Colorado River and lets you learn more about Native American culture. Therefore, a Grand Canyon bus trip to this area is money well-spent. That is because you can get introduced to the Grand Canyon and find out further details about this national landmark.

One of the places you can go to get acquainted with the sights and activities in Las Vegas is the IMAX theater at the Visitor Center in Grand Canyon Village. The screen, which is six stories high and 852 feet wide, allows you to see what it is like, virtually, to soar like an eagle over the rim and swoop down into the chasm. You can also experience the feeling of taking a white water rafting trip on the Colorado River. Experience these events by watching the documentary, “Grand Canyon: The Movie.”

A Grand Canyon bus trip to the South Rim will also enable you to experience the Grand Canyon Trail of Time.  This interactive trail enables you to learn more about geologic rock formations that make the canyon “grand.” Located on the Rim Trail, the Trail of Time features markers and displays that provide information about the Canyon’s creation over millennial periods.

The Hoover Dam Can’t Be Missed

A Grand Canyon bus trip to the South Rim also includes another one of the popular activities in Las vegas- stopping off at the Hoover Dam. Once called Boulder Dam, the name of the structure was changed to honor President Herbert Hoover. Work on the dam began in 1931 at Black Canyon. Although the building of the dam was originally slated in Boulder Canyon, geologists and engineers determined that Black Canyon was a better choice.

By 1933, concrete for the dam was poured for the structure’s base. Workers poured 230 separate blocks of concrete for the foundation. The last concrete block was added in May, 1935. By that point, 3.25 million yards of concrete had been used to construct the dam. After the main construction of the dam ended, workers closed diversion tunnels so Lake Mead could be formed and filled.

Let Activities in Las Vegas Offer You More

This amazing site is one worth seeing on your Las Vegas vacation. Be sure to include activities in Las Vegas that are more than just gambling. Book a day trip to the Grand Canyon South Rim so you can experience the wonder for yourself.

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