Affordable Grand Canyon Travel

Affordable Grand Canyon travel is possible when you book with Grand Canyon Destinations. While you can enjoy great shows and gambling in Vegas, you can also find another form of entertainment. One that will lend some diversity to your trip. For example, if you are traveling to Vegas with your family, you may schedule a one-day trip to Grand Canyon.

Take A Grand Canyon Tour Bus

You can take a tour bus in Las Vegas through Grand Canyon Destinations, to the West Rim or South Rim. Most people who are new to the canyon visit the South Rim first. This is because it is not as remote as the West Rim. Tours stop off at Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, which adds to the excitement of a luxury bus trip. If you want to really make your Las Vegas vacation special, plan a day trip to the Hoover Dam and the canyon.

Grand Canyon Destinations is a local company that provides travel via a luxury tour bus in Las Vegas. Trips featured by the company are directed to adventure seekers and casual travelers.

What To Expect From Affordable Grand Canyon Travel

When you use this mode of travel, you can savor the relaxing effects of adjustable seats, individually controlled air, and panoramic windows. A unisex lavatory is featured on-board for your convenience as well. We guarantee on-time pickups from your hotel and dependable and safe returns. When you take a Grand Canyon Destinations tour bus in Las Vegas, you will spend less money to travel in luxury.

A Premier Las Vegas Bus Company

Grand Canyon Destinations is considered a premier bus company – one that is well known for its Grand Canyon itineraries to Grand Canyon National Park, and the South Rim or West Rim. If you choose travel to the West Rim, you will be greeted by the glass Skywalk, a unique and see-through projection that is shaped like a horseshoe. Savor the sights from this unusual platform.

Lake Mead And Hoover Dam

We stop off at Lake Mead and Hoover Dam before we continue to the Grand Canyon. Therefore, you can see several magnificent sites in one day. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will lead you on your journey by providing you with the background and facts of each place you see. You can also take photos at some of the rest areas where we stop. Depend on us to take you to sunset points or spots where you can take some memorable and inspiring pictures.

Affordable Grand Canyon Travel In A Tour Bus

One of the best ways to enjoy a Grand Canyon journey is to travel on a tour bus in Las Vegas. Doing so makes travel more affordable and convenient. By seeing the Grand Canyon, you will add more “sparkle” to you Las Vegas trip – although this type of entertainment is the natural kind. Book Affordable Travel · Take a Tour Bus

Book affordable Grand Canyon travel with us here at Grand Canyon Destinations and enjoy nonstop service to the Grand Canyon National Park. If you are planning to visit Vegas, you cannot bypass the opportunity to take this journey. Ask us about our customized and specialized bookings for our Grand Canyon trips.

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