Taking A South Rim Tour

South Rim tour takers see the canyon from the best overlooks. Taking a tour of the Grand Canyon can be included in a Las Vegas itinerary. All you need to do is to check the travel packages offered by Grand Canyon bus tour providers, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. If you want travel to the canyon to be an easy activity, taking a luxury bus is a great idea.

Which Bus Tour Should You Choose

By taking this approach, you can choose a day trip to either the South Rim or West Rim, each of which features some amazing attractions. If you choose to take one of the Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour packages to the South Rim, you can visit historical sites, such as Grand Canyon Village.

Maybe you would rather explore a less crowed area of the canyon. If so, make plans to take a day bus trip to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. At this location, you can see the popular glass Skywalk, a bridge and platform that projects over the canyon, offering guests a chance to see deep down into the gorge. What is unique about the Skywalk is that its platform is made of a sturdy glass, thereby allowing visitors to look directly down and see the canyon where they stand.

A Relaxing Getaway from Vegas

Wherever you plan to tour—the South Rim or West Rim—you will be rewarded with a unique travel experience. That is why taking one of the Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour packages is so exciting. You can explore a natural area, away from Las Vegas, that will give you a short break from the glitz and glamor of the Strip. After all, a vacation should include a little bit of everything to make it more memorable.

The South Rim Tour

Most travelers to the Grand Canyon usually see the South Rim first, as it features visitor centers that offer more information about the natural attraction. Choosing a South Rim trip enables you to become acquainted with the canyon and learn more about the geological formations and the wildlife. For instance, you can walk the Trail of Time in the park, an exhibit that allows you to see how canyon rocks evolved geologically.

Grand Canyon Village, at the South Rim, is another exciting attraction. This part of the park offers a number of sites that you will want to visit and explore. You, no doubt, will want to walk the Rim Trail in this part of the park as well. The condition of the path is somewhat sloped to flat, and you can enjoy shade along the trail. Take the trail from any viewpoint in historical Grand Canyon Village, or access it from Hermit Road in the park. You cannot find water along the trail, so make sure to bring plenty of your own.

Take a Grand Canyon South Rim Tour Today!

When you take a Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim tour, expect to spend about 3 hours. If you opt to see the West Rim, you’ll be able to stay about four hours before returning to your Vegas hotel. Contact us today to book your very own Grand Canyon excursion.

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