Take A Family Grand Canyon Tour

The best way to visit the Grand Canyon is to go with people you care about. Many people traveling to Vegas with friends or family often add a day trip to the South Rim as part of their travel itinerary. If you go by bus, the cost is usually less than what you would pay to gamble. Therefore, taking a family Grand Canyon tour is a great way to supplement Vegas activities.

Stop by a Visitor Center First

When you take a family Grand Canyon South Rim tour, contact a company such as Grand Canyon Destinations, which offers regular tours to this part of the canyon. Not only do we provide luxury bus travel, our experienced tour guides can relate interesting tidbits of information. Once you arrive at the South Rim, head on over to one of the visitor centers. Ranger-led talks will enrich your family Grand Canyon tour and allow you to learn more about the sites and attractions in the area.

In fact, when you take a family Grand Canyon South Rim tour, you can choose from one of several visitor centers in this part of the park. The largest center is the Canyon View Information Plaza that is situated close to Mather Point, found on the eastern side of Grand Canyon Village. You can also stop by the Verkamp’s Visitor Center, Kolb Studio, and or Yavapai Observation Station for further details. The Desert View information center can be accessed, as well, on the eastern end of Desert View Drive – a road that runs through the east entrance.

Take A Family Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

Should you choose to take a trip to the Western Rim of the canyon, you can also obtain park details near the popular glass-tiered bridge, called the Skywalk. A gift shop and café are situated close to the information center and Skywalk. However, if you are a newcomer as far as family Grand Canyon visits, it is best to opt for the Grand Canyon South Rim tour provided by our company, Grand Canyon Destinations.

Check the Calendar of Events

Once you obtain more details about the South Rim, you will find walking through the area more rewarding. Therefore, make sure you head to a visitor center before you do anything else on your day trip journey. Programs, talks, and hikes change from season-to-season, but are regularly featured by rangers at centers in the park. Review the park’s Calendar of Events before you book your family Grand Canyon tour, so you can participate in a program, hike, or talk.

Book a Day Trip Now

While helicopter tours allow you to “flight-see” in the canyon, it is better to stay grounded on your first trip. Get to know more about the canyon’s scenery and wildlife up-close, and take another type of tour later. That way, you can get to know the canyon on more educational terms. Families love vacations to Vegas and the South Rim, especially when they can go by bus. Contact us here at Grand Canyon Destinations in Las Vegas today. Find out how to include a day trip in your Vegas vacation plans now.

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