Grand Canyon Bus Trips Gain Popularity

If you want to visit the Grand Canyon but you have not visited the site before, it is best to schedule a Grand Canyon bus trip from wherever you are staying in Las Vegas. In fact, bus trips to the canyon are trending nowadays, as people want to take a hiatus from gambling and see some of the natural scenery.

First Stop At The Hoover Dam

To schedule a Grand Canyon bus from Las Vegas, you need to contact a well-known tour operator, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Doing so will expand on your activities during your Vegas stay. Buses pick up passengers in the morning at a scheduled time. From there, travelers embark on their journey, stopping first at the Hoover Dam. Typically, this stop at the Hoover Dam involves taking pictures for about 20 minutes. This will get you acclimated to the tour experience and prepare you for your visit to the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon.

What To See On A Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Each part of the canyon offers certain sites that cannot be missed. For example, if you visit the South Rim, you will want to visit the Grand Canyon Trail of Time – a public display along a path in the park that showcases the development of the canyon. Different rocks are featured that make up the canyon terrain.

If you have a family and have planned a Vegas vacation, you will want to add a Grand Canyon bus trip to the itinerary. Usually, if this is your first journey to the canyon, it is better to visit the South Rim versus the West Rim, as the West Rim is less crowded and more remote. By scheduling a trip to the South Rim, you can learn more about the park at the Visitor’s Center, and walk some easier trails. That is why more people visit this area – it simply is a safer choice if you have not visited the canyon before.

Once you schedule a Grand Canyon bus trip, you will no doubt want to learn more about some of the attractions. The South Rim, itself, stands about 7,000 feet, or 2,130 meters, above sea level. It is home to natural wonders, such as Navajo Point, the Abyss, and Hermit Road. You can also see Grand Canyon Village on a day trip to the South Rim. Some of the historic buildings in the village include the Railway Depot, Kolb Studio, and Bright Angel Lodge. Take in the view at the Desert View Watchtower – a place that features Hopi artwork.

The Best Way To See The Canyon

By going on a Grand Canyon bus trip, you will make the South Rim easily accessible from Vegas. While a helicopter offers the most dramatic way to see the canyon, it is best to go by bus if you want to see things up-close, especially if this is your first journey.

Learn more about customizing a trip for your Vegas stay today. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations about its featured tours. We offer trips to the South Rim, West Rim, and separate tours to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

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