Taking A Grand Canyon Bus Tour

If you have made up your mind to see Vegas, you may also want to explore the surrounding locale. One way to make this happen is to arrange a Grand Canyon bus tour through a premier Vegas tour company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations.

Las Vegas is only about four hours away from the Grand Canyon. Therefore, it represents the ideal hub to begin a Grand Canyon bus journey. By choosing a bus in which to travel, you can sit back while a tour guide provides facts about the sights along the way as well as the attractions inside Grand Canyon National Park.

When you take a Grand Canyon bus tour through a provider, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you can lie back in cushioned and adjustable seats and enjoy controlled AC. This feature is especially appreciated on hot summer days. The South Rim offers the first-time visitor plenty to do and see. Some of the sights include the following:

1. The El Tovar Hotel

Located in Grand Canyon Village, this historic structure opened for business in 1905. The hotel is considered one of the premier US luxury hotels, and is known for its fine dining, shopping, and spectacular scenic views.

2. Verkamp’s Visitor Center

Make this your first stop in the South Rim so you can acquaint yourself with the Grand Canyon sights and attractions. This building opened in 1906 as a souvenir shop. It now features a pioneer history museum.

3. The Hopi House

This historic landmark opened in 1905. Today the building is a gift shop that displays Native American jewelry and art.

4. Bright Angel Lodge

This building, which was designed by Mary Colter, opened in 1935. The rustic structure, located on the canyon rim, features the finest in accommodations. The Fred Harvey History Room, inside the lodge, showcases exhibits from early times.

A Grand Canyon Bus Tour Has It All

As you can see, you can see a lot of history on the South Rim, along with amazing canyon views. You can also visit the amazing glass, open-air Skywalk on the canyon’s West Rim if you take one of the Grand Canyon bus tours running out of Las Vegas. The incredibly strong glass platform of the Skywalk allows visitors to see 4,000 feet down into the Canyon’s depths.

Regardless of where you choose to travel, you will find that taking a Grand Canyon bus tour is a one-of-a-kind experience. See for yourself why millions of tourists visit the canyon each year. Contact  Grand Canyon Destinations for day trip information now.

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