If you want to break away from Vegas for a while, you need to plan a daytrip to the Grand Canyon. This adventure will stop first at Hoover Dam – a man-made marvel that is a must-see attraction. After your stop-off at the dam, you will proceed to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim or West Rim.

Booking Bus Travel to the South Rim

If you want to take one of the Grand Canyon bus tours to the South Rim, you will find that this destination is less crowded during the spring and fall. If you travel during the peak season, or summer, be prepared for more traffic hold-ups and thicker crowds.

You will also need to dress to protect yourself from the sun. Wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 if you do not want to be burned to a crisp. Always wear sunscreen whenever you plan to be outside for over an hour.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours Give Vegas Travelers a Needed Break

Seeing the Canyon’s West Rim

You can also find adventure by scheduling a Grand Canyon West Rim tour. This tour takes you to a more remote section of the Grand Canyon, and therefore is the ideal choice for experienced hikers or people who prefer a quieter space to explore and walk. Wear comfortable hiking boots, and don’t forget the water bottle, regardless of the season.

Hiking in the South Rim

While the West Rim is home to the glass-tiered Skywalk – a horseshoe structure that projects over the Canyon’s rim, the South Rim features some easy hikes. For example, the Rim Trail is considered easy to moderate and takes about 7 hours to walk one way. If you want to take this type of trail, you should customize your trip so you can spend more than one day.

Hiking from Point to Point

The South Rim’s trail from Powell Point to Mohave Point can be completed in about 40 minutes one way. Therefore, this is the ideal trail to take when you book one of the Grand Canyon bus tours for the day. You will also like the short and easy path that spans from Mohave Point to Monument Creek Vista. Another easy-to-walk trail extends from the Monument Creek Vista to Hermits Rest. Grand Canyon Bus Tours Give Vegas Travelers a Needed Break.

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Hiking and exploring the South Rim or West Rim enables you to use your camera and take some awesome pictures – images that you will want to share with family and friends on Facebook or Instagram. Grand Canyon Bus Tours Give Vegas Travelers a Needed Break Why not learn more about this type of Vegas diversion? If you are planning a trip to Vegas, give us a call at Grand Canyon Destinations. You will be glad you did.

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