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If you vacation in Las Vegas, you might want to book one of the Grand Canyon bus tours featured by Grand Canyon Destinations. Grand Canyon Destinations is a premier Las Vegas travel company that provides low-cost, yet luxurious, bus trips to the South Rim or West Rim of the Grand Canyon. These trips are offered as day excursions. Therefore, you can explore some amazing natural scenery close to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

Why Take A Grand Canyon Bus Tour

If you want to complement your Vegas vacation with a fun and exciting day tour, you won’t want to miss taking one of the affordable trips to the Grand Canyon by bus. Why should you rent a car and deal with long lines in the park when you can make a getaway that will be effortless and fun?

That is the type of experience you will have when you choose to go by a luxury tour bus. Buses provided by tour operators, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, feature cushioned and adjustable seats, panoramic window views, controlled AC, and a tour guide. You certainly don’t enjoy these types of benefits when you travel by yourself.

Relax On Your Vacation

When you can take one of the Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas, you don’t have to worry about the stress of going to a rental car company or dealing with traffic jams. A tour company bus enables you sit back and relax, and totally savor your vacation time.

Travel To The South Rim

If you choose to take one of the Grand Canyon bus tours to the South Rim, you will spend about three hours in Grand Canyon National Park. Pick-ups and drop-offs are provided at or near your hotel. All you need to do is be at the scheduled location at the designated time. If you cannot go on the trip, you only need to cancel the tour up to 24 hours before it begins. All pick-ups to the South Rim begin a 6:00 am. The whole trip takes about 15 hours.

Getting To See The Hoover Dam

The South Rim tour and the West Rim tour both include a stop at the famous Hoover Dam. Passengers can take pictures of the magnificent structure and surrounding Lake Mead. All Grand Canyon bus tours to the South Rim return to Las Vegas at about 9:30 PM. Just be aware that all the listed times are approximations, and therefore subject to change.

Travel To The West Rim

If you choose to journey to the West Rim by bus, you will spend about four hours exploring this part of the canyon. The time spent at the West Rim is longer than the time spent at the South Rim, as the West Rim is closer to Las Vegas. Plenty of water is available on both the South Rim and West Rim tours. If you choose to book one of the Grand Canyon bus tours to the West Rim, pick-ups usually start around 7:00 AM. Normally, you will return to Las Vegas around 5:30 PM.

The Skywalk

Should you plan a day trip to the West Rim, you will want to see the amazing glass Skywalk– a glass platform and bridge that allows you see down into the canyon’s depths. The ticket price for the Skywalk is separate from the bus tour price. You can buy this ticket through the tour provider if you would like. Therefore, you don’t have to wait in line to purchase the ticket when you arrive at the West Rim.

Book Your Adventure Today

Indeed, you can get a lot of mileage out of the amount you pay when you book a one of the Grand Canyon bus tours with a company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Find out now why these tours make traveling to Vegas the ideal vacation and holiday.

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