Memorable Las Vegas Trips To The Grand Canyon

Memorable Las Vegas trips are the center of the Vegas experience. Las Vegas’s location makes it the ideal hub for a daytrip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon sites. Therefore, planning a Vegas trip and seeing the Grand Canyon is an ideal family vacation. You can begin your journey by visiting the Hoover Dam, which sits about 30 miles outside the city. Proceed on to the South Rim or West Rim of the Grand Canyon, and return to see the Las Vegas lights at night. We, at Grand Canyon Destinations, make everything perfect, as we provide comfortable and luxurious buses with adjustable seats, onboard restrooms, and panoramic windows.

The Grand Canyon Destinations Difference

Providing on-time pick-ups from guests’ hotels, we make traveling from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon sites simple and affordable. Easily incorporate a daytrip into your Las Vegas itinerary, preferably on a weekday. The Canyon sees a lot of crowds on the weekends. Therefore, you will find the journey more serene if you choose to travel at less popular travel times.

We make memorable Las Vegas trips more interesting, as our tour guides provide insights about the places where we stop. Therefore, you not only get to see some amazing attractions, you receive an education at the same time. Witness man-made wonders as well as animals in their natural habitat. Our guides can give you all the background information. Take your camera to capture the whole travel experience.

Adding Memorable Las Vegas Trips To The Canyon

Las Vegas draws all kinds of visitor past its boundaries. While some people love the nightlife activities, others seek thrills and adventure. Whether you go to gamble, dine, or dance at one of the nightclubs, you will find something that will appeal to your sense of adventure. That is why adding a Grand Canyon trip makes traveling to Vegas even more fulfilling and interesting.

The Grand Canyon, which lies in northern Arizona, gives Vegas visitors an opportunity to see another exciting—albeit natural—venue. We, at Grand Canyon Destinations, can make a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour a trip you will never forget. See various sites in Grand Canyon National Park by booking an excursion to the South Rim or West Rim. Preview the Hoover Dam before traveling to a Grand Canyon attraction, such as the all-glass Skywalk, located at Eagle Point on the West Rim.

The Best Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

As a premier bus and small group tour company, we, at Grand Canyon Destinations, ensure customers receive the utmost in comfort and satisfaction. Our staff works hard to make sure all your travel needs are met so you have a first-rate travel experience. Make us your travel partner for your Las Vegas to Grand Canyon daytrip. You can journey to the Canyon, even if you are trying to save money. Our family-owned company offers families cost-effective travel.

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