Taking Day Tours of Grand Canyon National Park

Day tours of Grand Canyon National Park are indeed a worthwhile experience. One of our passengers, here at Grand Canyon Destinations, related her visit to Grand Canyon National Park to a friend. Her friend looked puzzled. “I thought you said you visited Las Vegas. I didn’t know that you had traveled to the Grand Canyon instead.” The passenger laughed. She had not realized that the day trip she took to the canyon had made such a major impression.

More to Vegas Than The Strip

That is why we offer bus travel to the park from Las Vegas. This day journey rounds out a trip to Las Vegas nicely. Not only can you enjoy gambling, dining, shows, and shopping, you can see the nearby natural wonders as well. Visitors to the Grand Canyon stop off at Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on the way to the park. Therefore, you can really get your money’s worth by taking a bus to these nearby attractions.

Travel With Tour Guides On Comfortable Buses

You’ll love traveling by bus, especially if you embark on your journey in one of our premium or luxury buses. Our buses are equipped with panoramic, view-friendly windows, cushioned and adjustable seats, and onboard restrooms.

We use deluxe buses for larger groups of up to 56 passengers, and luxury Mercedes buses for smaller group tours of up to 14 people. Therefore, our day tours of Grand Canyon National Park are designed to fully accommodate the travel requirements of park visitors. Not only do tour guides provide interesting facts and insights, they also direct passengers to great spots for taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook or Instagram.

Different Options For Day Tours Of Grand Canyon National Park

Once you enter the park, go to a visitor’s center to find out more about the key trails and areas. You will get to spend three or four hours inside the park, depending on which area you select. Grand Canyon Destinations offers day tours that enter the South Rim as well as tours of the West Rim of the canyon.

We aim to please passengers by providing them with the best in day trip services. Take time today to go online and contact us. Book a reservation now.

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Kyle Gooverton

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