Grand Canyon National Park 100th Anniversary

February 26, 2019 marked the centennial of Grand Canyon National Park’s admittance into the US park system. Therefore, there has never been a better time to take a tour of the canyon in commemoration of the Grand Canyon National Park 100th Anniversary.

By taking a Grand Canyon tour with a bus company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you can learn more about the history and geography of this unique and natural landmark. While it is easy to travel to and inside the park today, that was not always the case.

For example, in the early 1900s, cars had to navigate roadways that were built for stagecoach travel. Visitors to the El Tovar Hotel, inside the canyon, boarded a stagecoach for touring the canyon or to get to the nearby train depot. When you review the lobby of the hotel during this period, it looks like an expansive and rustic log cabin. Heads of deer and elk are prominently displayed beneath the high ceilings and beams.

Visiting the El Tovar

People liked staying at the hotel, as it offered grand overlooks of the canyon – sights that they had never witnessed before. If you take a Grand Canyon tour, you will want to schedule a visit to the hotel – an ideal place to take pictures and experience the canyon history. You can also view the hotel’s exterior from Bright Angel Trail – yet another great photo opportunity.

In 1922, the first plane landed inside the canyon. The pilot, R.V. Thomas, is credited with the feat. He had his picture taken during the marked event.

Traveling by Mule

Mules have always been used for transporting visitors in the canyon. Pictures of mule travel are featured in the Library of Congress that go back to 1906. Women wore long dresses during these excursions, which, as you might imagine, would not be very easy to do. That is why it is good to know that a Grand Canyon tour today is not quite so strenuous.

Traveling by Train

People drew a keen interest in seeing the canyon in the early 1900s, thanks the train travel. A line of track from Williams, Arizona made this possible, all which greatly increased the tourist trade during this period. People stayed at the hotels and lodges, or took up camping inside the park.

Many of the old pictures preserved by the Library of Congress show the El Tovar Hotel and some of the ruins of cliff dwellings occupied by indigenous peoples. Navajo people also resided in hogans near the El Tovar in the early days. Pictures of the hogans are part of the images on display at the Library of Congress.

The Bright Angel Trail and Lodge

During the early 1900s, visitors liked to gather and walk down the Bright Angel Trail, much as they do today. The Bright Angel Lodge was an especially popular place to stay during the early 1930s.

Book a Trip To Celebrate Grand Canyon National Park 100th Anniversary

Taking a Grand Canyon tour is just as exciting now as it was in the early days. Learn more about traveling inside the canyon by contacting a popular tour operator, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. See what you have been missing. Learn more about the canyon by taking a Vegas day trip. Book travel on one of our luxury buses and see why people love visiting the canyon for yourself.

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