Explore Grand Canyon National Park On A Vegas Trip

Explore Grand Canyon with a trust tour company from Las Vegas. If you have made plans to see Las Vegas, you also want to seize the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon as well.  Doing so is easy when you take one of the Grand Canyon National Park tours offered by Grand Canyon Destinations.

Located in northwest Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is the 15th site becoming a national park in the U.S. Central to the park is the Grand Canyon, a gorge that encompasses the Colorado River through millions of years. The park, which covers an area of about 1,217,260 acres, receives about six million visitors annually.

Learn More About The Park On A Guided Tour

When you explore Grand Canyon with Grand Canyon Destinations, you can see a number of interesting historic sites and natural attractions. You will also obtain background information about the park.

For example, the former Marble Canyon National Monument was made part of the park in 1975. Also, UNESCO declared the park a World Heritage Site in 1979. A coin was minted in honor of the national park in 2010 – part of the America the Beautiful Quarters program.

Other notable landmarks you will learn about on a Grand Canyon tour are the Trail of Time, geological museums, and visitor centers. These locations share about the rich history of the canyon and how the national park came to be.

The Best Time To Explore Grand Canyon National Park

You won’t want miss your chance to explore Grand Canyon National Park with Grand Canyon Destinations. While you can visit the park most times of the year, it is best to take a day journey from May through November. That is when the weather is more conducive to traveling in the park. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations to book travel today.

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