Why Go Grand Canyon Sightseeing

If you really want to explore the Grand Canyon and learn about the site, you need to schedule one of the Grand Canyon sightseeing tours featured by travel companies, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. These tours are usually small group tours that have been customized to a guest’s wishes. By taking a tour of this kind, each passenger gets to learn a large amount of information about the canyon.

What You Will See

People also learn a good deal about the canyon by taking self-guided Grand Canyon sightseeing tours. Whichever type of tour you choose, you will be able to see some one-of-a-kind sights and attractions.

For example, if you take a tour of the South Rim, you can learn more about the Grand Canyon at one of the visitor centers. You will also want to stop off at the Mather Point Overlook, which features some spectacular sunsets.

The South Rim Highlights

The Rim Trail, at the South Rim, spans for 13 miles from the South Kaibab Trailhead east of the visitor center, to Hermits Rest which sits at the far west end of Hermit Road. The Rim Trail is one of the more scenic Grand Canyon sightseeing tours featured at the canyon. The Trial of Time can be found along the Rim Trail as well. This section of the trail features interesting examples of rocks, as they formed and changed over thousands of years.

Trails And Hiking

To spend your time well during one of the Grand Canyon tours, make sure you take the Rim Trail and visit Mather Point. You will also want to visit the geological museum in this part of the canyon. Bright Angel Trail is yet another path well worth exploring. Take it from Grand Canyon Village for great canyon views and amazing scenes of canyon walls, steep cliffs, and sharp drop-offs.

Take A Grand Canyon Sightseeing Tour

Take time now to review the Grand Canyon sightseeing tours offered by Grand Canyon Destinations. Contact the company to obtain answers to your questions and book a unique travel experience. You don’t want to visit Vegas without adding a day journey to the Grand Canyon.

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