Taking A Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour– The best way to see the Grand Canyon is to first go to Las Vegas. You might question the logic of this statement. However, you won’t if you book a day trip from Las Vegas to the canyon through a tour provider, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. By taking a trip through this premium tour company, you can set aside one day during your Vegas vacation to take a Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour.

Grand Canyon National Park

People like traveling to the South Rim, as it is part of Grand Canyon National Park. You can also see a large array of natural and historic sites and attractions. For example, you can visit the historic Grand Canyon Village as well as see the sunset from places, such as Mohave Point. Did you notice that “Mohave” has an “h”? It is spelled this way in Arizona and with a “j” (Mojave) in California. You know you are in Arizona if you see Mohave with an “h.”

Famous Overlooks On A Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Mohave Point is a great place to view the sunset. In fact, it is also known as Sunset Point. You can also view the canyon from viewpoints, such as Mather Point, Yaki Point, Desert View, and Hopi Point, just to name a few. Drop-in at one of the visitor centers in the park to obtain information about the South Rim’s plants and animals as well. Take the Rim Trail and visit the Trail of Time, a geological time exhibit that explains how the canyon’s rocks form over time.

You won’t be at a loss as to things to do when you take one of the South Rim tour packages featured by Grand Canyon Destinations. Not only can you visit the geology museum in the park, you can see the iconic Hermits Rest, a Native American replication designed by architect Mary Colter.

Other Places Around The South Rim

The South Rim is close to a number of nearby Arizona cities and landmarks as well, such as Williams, Flagstaff, and Historic Route 66. However, if you go by bus, you can go directly to the park entrance. Expect to stay about three hours in the park before your return trip home. Passengers board the bus outside or near their hotels and return to the same place in the evening. Pick-ups begin around 6:00 AM with drop-offs scheduled around 9:30 PM.

Book A Grand Canyon Bus Tour Today

You will enjoy a full day of exciting activities when you book one of the South Rim bus tour packages through Grand Canyon Destinations. Contact the bus tour company today about arranging travel to the South Rim. See Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon when you vacation in Vegas. Take the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and book a day trip now.

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