If you want to make the most of a Grand Canyon daytrip, you need to decide where you plan to land. Taking a tour will ensure you see all the Grand Canyon tour sites available to travelers. You can take a Grand Canyon tour bus to either the West Rim or South Rim. Local tour operators, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, make it possible for you to see one of these two sites at your leisure during your Vegas vacation.

Deciding Where to Travel

You just need to decide if you would like to see more attractions and trails or if you want to choose a more peaceful excursion. Most people venture to the South Rim, as it features Grand Canyon Village and several walking trails. Some of these trails are quite popular among Grand Canyon Park visitors. Trails include the Bright Angel Trail land the Rim Trail walking path.

If you choose to take a Grand Canyon tour bus to the West Rim, you can see the fabled and popular glass Skywalk. The platform on this projecting bridge enables visitors to see 4,000 feet down into the canyon. While you cannot take as many user-friendly trails inside Grand Canyon West, seeing the Skywalk is indeed an ideal substitute.

The Benefits of Each Destination

When making a choice for a tour package, consider your budget and your preferences. If you prefer to see the Grand Canyon tour sites more commercialized side, you should plan to take a bus to the South Rim. Otherwise, you should plan to leave Vegas for the West Rim.

How Long Will You Visit

A Grand Canyon tour to the South Rim involves spending about three hours in his part of the canyon. If you choose the West Rim instead, plan to spend about 4 hours at the site. Tour buses, provided by Grand Canyon Destinations, pick up passengers at or near their Vegas Strip hotels. They also return passengers to those same spots at night.

South Rim

When visiting the South Rim, you will be able to see the aforementioned Grand Canyon Village and enjoy outside displays, such as the Trail of Time. This interpretive exhibit enables park visitors to learn more about the natural history and rock formations in the canyon.

You Cannot Go Wrong

Wherever you choose to go on a Grand Canyon tour, you will be rewarded with spectacular views and tour services that are next to none. By choosing Grand Canyon Destinations as your tour provider, you can explore the canyon while visiting Vegas, and keep to your schedule. Learn more about specific sites and attractions by contacting us today.

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