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You can’t deny the fact that Vegas is one exciting place. With its gaming, shows, and dining you will never be at a loss for something to do when you travel to this city on vacation. To make your trip even more special, why not book one of the Grand Canyon tours that regularly leave Vegas by luxury bus? For example, tour operators, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, offer travel packages that allow small and large groups to see the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon.

Grand Canyon Tours By Bus

If you book a small tour, you can take in the sights from a luxury 14-passenger bus. If you take a larger tour, the bus you book can hold up to 56 passengers. All buses are fully equipped with an onboard restroom and controlled AC – which is especially nice when traveling on a warm summer day. Because the Grand Canyon is only about four hours away from Vegas, taking one of the Grand Canyon tours is an ideal way to spend the day.

Which Rim Should You Visit

Taking a Grand Canyon tour by bus will lead you to the top-visited South Rim or take you to the more remote West Rim of the canyon. If this is your first canyon trip, experts usually advise that visitors plan a journey to the South Rim. That is because the South Rim is more family-friendly, and offers more ways to acquaint yourself with the canyon.

Activities at Each Destination

For example, children and adults can learn more about the area by participating in a ranger-led talk. They can also visit exhibits, such as the Trail of Time, a path that permits visitors to learn how canyon rocks evolved over the years. Indeed, some of the rocks are ancient, with Vishnu basement rocks dating back a billion years. Therefore, the Grand Canyon’s history is not only interesting, it sometimes is shrouded in mystery.

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If you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you no doubt will realize it in Las Vegas. Why not add a bonus trip to your vacation and book passage on one of the Grand Canyon tours featured by local travel operators, such as Grand Canyon Destinations? We can answer all your inquiries today!

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