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The Grand Canyon possesses a rich history – one that includes colorful events and characters. The canyon’s cast of characters include European explorers, researchers, miners, Native Americans, and railroad builders. Developers of Grand Canyon tours also play a prominent role in the canyon’s popularity. In fact, because of the canyon’s interesting history, the canyon and surrounding landscape were turned into a national park in 1919.

Take a Tour Bus to the Canyon

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the canyon and its history is to take one of the Grand Canyon tours featured by a company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Doing so will give you a fuller appreciation of the canyon and its entry points. Grand Canyon Destinations makes regular bus trips to the South Rim and West Rim of this natural and historic landmark.

If you are a first-time traveler, it is best to plan a trip to the South Rim first, as it offers easier hiking, and provides visitors with canyon information at visitor centers in the park. The park itself features over a million acres of land.

However, most people tend to measure the canyon in river miles, and use the Colorado River as a gauge. If you use this method of measurement, the canyon spans 277 miles in length. It starts at Lees Ferry and ends at the point of Grand Wash Cliffs. The Colorado River, which formed the canyon, extends 1,450 miles from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of California, located in Mexico.

Spending Time in the Canyon

Grand Canyon tours are indeed exciting tours, as they bring light to the canyon’s influence in terms of beauty and size. While these tours give visitors a brief overview of the canyon, people do spend longer periods in the park. For example, if you walk or take a mule to the bottom of the canyon, it takes about two days. Hiking rim-to-rim, or from the North Rim to the South Rim, usually takes about three days.

If you choose to raft through the canyon, it can take as long as two weeks or more. Veteran backpackers may spend weeks in the Park, surveying the flora and fauna and exploring the outer reaches.

Indeed, the Grand Canyon is considered unmatched when it comes to day trips from Las Vegas. While the canyon is not the deepest in the world, it is known for its enormous size and colorful and intricate landscapes. The deepest canyons include Hell’s Canyon in Idaho and the Barranca del Cobre in the northern section of Mexico.

The Best Times to Take Grand Canyon Tours

The best time to visit the canyon is during the early spring and late fall, as the crowds taper off during these times. Therefore, Grand Canyon tours that feature bus travel are pleasanter after the snows have melted or before the temperatures start to rise.

If you wish to bring your dog, keep him restrained at all times. You can walk him along rim trails in the more developed areas. However, you cannot take him farther. Only certified service dogs can go past rim boundaries. Dogs can be kenneled in the canyon’s South Rim, if required.

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