Grand Canyon Tours From Vegas

If you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, you are in for a treat. Not only can you walk the Strip at night and see the blaze of neon and lights, you can enjoy fine dining, fabulous shows, and gambling entertainment. Even with this all-inclusive itinerary, you still aren’t seeing everything.

The Grand Canyon is a short distance away from Vegas. Therefore, you will want to add a day trip to your schedule and see the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon. By taking one of the Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, you can make a daytime escape that will prove to be both fun and memorable.

Grand Canyon National Park

If you have not explored the Grand Canyon National Park previously, you should schedule a guided bus trip to the South Rim. By choosing a tour provider, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you can lie back and relax and learn more about the sights while traveling. Each tour guide highlights spots along the way, and can lead you to some great photo opportunities.

Travel Comfortably

By going on one of the Grand Canyon tours with Grand Canyon Destinations, you can be assured of a comfortable journey. The Grand Canyon is a day trip journey from Vegas, so you can leave in the morning and return in the evening with ease. Our luxury buses feature cushioned and adjustable seating, individually controlled air, and panoramic window views. We also provide specific times for pickup from major Las Vegas hotels.

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Once you arrive at the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon, you will be able to see some astounding scenery. Make your trip one that you can share over Facebook or Instagram. Amaze your friends by relating your adventures and booking a Grand Canyon trip. Connect with us online now, and learn more about booking details.

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