Taking Grand Canyon Walking Tours

Grand Canyon walking tours are the best way to learn about the canyon. One of the best places to walk the Grand Canyon is on a path in the South Rim. The South Rim receives the most park visitors, and therefore, features some trails that are walker-friendly. You can choose from paths that are designed for walkers of all ages or abilities. If you want to know more about the park’s natural history, stroll down the Grand Canyon Trail of Time. This can easily be done on the Grand Canyon walking tours featured by tour companies, such as Grand Canyon Destinations.

An Excellent Introduction to the Grand Canyon

The Trail of Time is a small part of an easy to moderate trail. The trail features information about the evolution of the Grand Canyon. Various rock formations are displayed to give you an idea about how the rocks developed over time. Whether you have a strong interest in geology or wish to learn more about the Canyon, The Grand Canyon Trail of Time provides an excellent introduction.

A Good Family Trip

By taking one of the Grand Canyon walking tours featured by Grand Canyon Destinations, you will find that this type of outside exhibit will prove to be both interesting and educational. In fact, this is a great display to view with the family. Children often develop an interest in geology when they review this small path of rock displays and visit the park’s geological museum.

Learning On Grand Canyon Walking Tours

You just need to book one of the Grand Canyon tours on the day trips offered by Grand Canyon Destinations. Doing so will make it possible for you to see more than just the Canyon. You can also gain additional insight about how the chasm was formed. Taking a walking tour also gives you an opportunity to view the park’s flora and fauna, and see the various species of wildlife up-close.

Take Time to Do Some Birdwatching in the Park

Some of the animals found in the Grand Canyon include the jack rabbit and a wide variety of birds, including the eagle and hawk. You never know what you may come across on one of the Grand Canyon walking tours featured by Grand Canyon Destinations.

Spring Provides Good Temperatures

March through May provide good temperatures to walk in the Canyon. Because UV heat is contained in Canyon walls, it is best to visit the park during the more temperate times, or in spring or fall. Doing so will give you the ability to hike and see wildlife without feeling overwhelmed by the heat. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations today to schedule a bus trip to this natural landmark.

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