Include A Grand Canyon Tour On Your Next Trip

Include a Grand Canyon tour in your trip to experience everything Vegas has to offer. A Grand Canyon adventure can be a once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity or a major headache. It all depends on how you choose to travel. If you plan to visit Las Vegas soon, you will want to add a tour to the Grand Canyon on your travel itinerary.

Visit The South Rim First

We, at Grand Canyon Destinations, offer luxury bus tours to the South Rim and West Rim of the canyon. If you are exploring the canyon for the first time, you probably should book a Grand Canyon South Rim tour first. Choose the South Rim, as it attracts more visitors, and therefore gives you a better introduction to the canyon. Save travel to the West Rim on another bus adventure, as this part of the canyon draws less visitors and therefore is designed for a more seasoned hiker or traveler.

When you take a tour to the South Rim, your day begins at 6:00 am. That is when a Grand Canyon Destinations bus will pick you up at your hotel. After a stop at Hoover Dam, passengers take a break at a comfort stop at Kingman, Arizona. A stop at a Route 66 rest point follows before arriving at the South Rim where the tour begins. Guests on the bus journey spend about three hours in the Canyon.

Shifting Lights And Patterns

When you include a Grand Canyon tour to the South Rim, you will see why this type of trip compares with Vegas lights. Instead, the lights, in this case, present ever-shifting patterns, washing the rocks in white in the middle part of the day while casting red and other shades on the rock faces at sunset.

Indeed, a Grand Canyon South Rim tour adds natural drama to a Vegas trip, especially when you see sites, such as Grandview Point and Yavapai Point. One of the highest places on the South Rim, Grandview Point is situated at the southern edge. Historians believe Grandview Point represents the location where the Spanish first glimpsed the Canyon in 1540.

Yavapai Point, which lies 5 miles or 8 kilometers north of the South Entrance of the Canyon, features an observation station, and gives visitors a chance to see panoramic views of the Canyon. A viewing panel, posted at the site, identifies area landmarks.

Arrange A Walking Tour Guide

If you would like to take a walking tour in the South Rim, you can also opt for this activity when you take a Grand Canyon South Rim tour by bus. A trained tour guide personally walks with participants along the way and highlights sites and photo opportunities.

Would you like to include a Grand Canyon tour on your next vacation? If so, give us a call here at Grand Canyon Destinations, and find out all the details about South Rim tours by bus. If you plan to travel to Las Vegas and want to find a day excursion to take during your stay, travel to the South Rim by bus. Doing so will give you plenty to discuss and remember when you finally return home from your trip.  Why not book travel now? Contact us here at Grand Canyon Destinations for all the details.

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