Taking A Las Vegas To South Rim Tour

Las Vegas to South Rim trips can be an amazing experience. A World Heritage Site, the monumental Grand Canyon National Park sits entirely within Arizona. The park, which covers 1,904 square miles or 4,930 square miles, includes the Canyon itself. The Grand Canyon begins where the Praia River flows into the Colorado and spans from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

An Introduction To The Park

Established in 1919, the Grand Canyon National Park features two main entrances, each of which are found on the North Rim and South Rim of the Canyon. The South Rim receives the most visitors, and can be a challenge to access by car during the summer. That is why taking a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus trip to the South Rim makes sense. Otherwise, you can find travel difficult if you take a rental car.

After all, when you travel by rental car, you need to first get to the place where you plan to rent the car. In some cases, the rental company can deliver the car to you. However, you still need to navigate unfamiliar terrain yourself. When this occurs, you can find the journey more exhausting than exciting. Once you arrive at the South Rim, you need to find out where to park and wait in traffic. Traveling by bus from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon sites eliminates these worries.

Sit Back And Relax On Your Way From Las Vegas To South Rim

By taking a luxury bus instead, you can lie back and relax in comfortable and adjustable seats. View the landscape from panoramic-sized windows and allow the driver and tour guide to provide you with background information about the sites. By taking this approach, you can relax on your Grand Canyon trip to the popular South Rim. If you want to travel to the Grand Canyon, this is the way to do it.

If this is your first trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park, you will want to take note of the historic sites and look-out points you can visit. One of the great informational points in the Park is the Canyon View Information Center, found at Mather’s Point. The information center features films, maps, exhibits, and a bookstore as well as ranger programs for visitors. Whether you consider yourself a casual traveler or serious hiker, this information center will add interest to your South Rim visit.

Bright Angel Point

Another place of note on a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon adventure is Bright Angel Point. The trailhead begins at the South Rim and descends into the Canyon, where to meets the North Kabab Trail – a path that leads to the Canyon’s North Rim. Do not try to cover this trail in a day, as you can get into trouble. To hike this trail toward the North Rim, you need to stay overnight.

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