Geology in the Grand Canyon

If you want to experience a geological wonder, you need to book a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Noted as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is home to various kinds of rocks and rock formations. Therefore, this is the ideal spot to learn about geology up-close.

Grand Canyon South Rim

By taking a Grand Canyon bus tour to the South Rim, you can get your fill of geological information and facts. For example, the Trail of Time, located at the South Rim, allows explorers to learn more about rock development at the canyon over millions of years. The oldest rocks, Vishnu basement rocks, developed a billion years ago, and are located within the inner gorge.

Places to Visit on the South Rim

You can visit the Yavapai Museum of Geology at the South Rim to learn more about how the canyon rocks evolved. The museum was once known as the Yavapai Observation Station. This area also allows you to see the best panoramic views across the canyon. Of the three overlooks in Grand Canyon village—Mather Point, Yavapai, Point, and Yaki Point—the Yavapai lookout is considered the best.

At this point in the park, you will see the closest view of the Colorado River. Also, from this juncture, you can reach the Trail of Time just a short distance west. Again, if you want to get involved in the geological history of the canyon, you may want to book a Grand Canyon bus tour to the South Rim.

How to Learn More

To introduce you to Grand Canyon geology, contact a tour provider, such as Grand Canyon Destinations for more information about South Rim sites and attractions. Many of the sites—such as the visitor centers, the trails, and geological displays—will give even a veteran geologist a refreshing view.

If you want to ensure a successful trip, book a Grand Canyon day trip now or in the near future. Make it your goal to see more than just the Vegas Strip on a Vegas vacation. Expand your reach by taking a Grand Canyon bus tour to the Grand Canyon. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations today to book your adventure.

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