Grand Canyon Tours During Spring

Grand Canyon tours during Spring will bring good weather and smaller crowds. While you can schedule tours to the Grand Canyon throughout the year, the best times to go are during the spring, summer, and fall. You just need to realize how the weather can change. The Grand Canyon features elevations that range from 2,000 feet to 8,000 feet. Therefore, the climate and temperature can change easily at higher elevations.

For example, most Grand Canyon bus tours that take place during the fall usually are quite pleasant. The summer rainstorms diminish in September and give way to a drier weather period. Summer thunderstorms and winter snowstorms can affect travel during these times of year.

Be Careful In The Winter

If you plan to be adventurous and take one of the Grand Canyon bus tours to the South Rim in the winter, be careful. Be prepared to meet icy rods and highway closures. While fog occasionally blankets the Canyon, it usually clears by morning.

Traveling In April

If you schedule Grand Canyon bus tours in April, you’ll enjoy warmer and more amenable temperatures. During this time, the weather is breezy or quite windy. At this point, passengers may experience late season freezes and frosts.

Summer Travel

A lot of travelers who go from Vegas to the Grand Canyon like to do so in the summer. If you travel on one of the Grand Canyon bus tours to the South Rim, expect to experience temperatures in the 80s on the Fahrenheit scale, or 27 to 32 degrees Celsius. As noted, thunderstorms usually take place during this time, with the possibility of torrential downpours. Frequent lightning and a sudden flash flood can disrupt travel plans.

Planning A Day Trip From Vegas

If you want to play it safe weather-wise, Grand Canyon tours during Spring will be your best bet. You can still see the Grand Canyon in the summer. Just check the weather before you plan a trip. When planning a trip, check out the various tourist attractions and destinations, and view the cities near the Grand Canyon. You may also want to plan your trip around certain events.

When making travel plans, review the destinations that bus tours feature. Most people, who are first-time travelers, explore the South Rim. By heading toward this area of the Canyon, you can get better introduced to the sites and activities.

This is the place to begin your journey and exploration of the Canyon. The West Rim is also visited quite often. This more remote location is ideal for travelers who are already familiar with the more crowded South Rim. You will want to see both sides of the Canyon during your lifetime. Therefore, you will want to schedule Grand Canyon bus tours to both sites.

Give Us A Call When Making Plans

If you have any questions, give Grand Canyon Destinations a call. Make it a point to learn all you can about the area before you plan a day trip.

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