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One of the great amenities of staying in Vegas is the ability you have to travel. Not only can you enjoy the finest in gaming, shopping, and dining, you can also schedule a daytrip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas during your stay. You can make things easier too by booking travel with a premier travel provider, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Grand Canyon destinations offers bus trips from Vegas that leave in the early morning and return in the evening each day.

Take A Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Take a bus and explore either the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon. Most first-time day-trippers prefer to see the South Rim, as it is less remote. The South Rim is also located on land owned by the National Park Service. Therefore, you can enjoy ranger talks and learn more details about the flora and fauna indigenous to the area.

South Rim VS West Rim

However, you will spend less time traveling if you visit the West Rim, as it is located much closer to Las Vegas. In fact, you can shave at least a couple hours off your trip when you choose this destination. Trips to the South Rim start picking up passengers around 6:00 AM in the morning while trips to the West Rim begin pick-ups at 7:00 AM. Returns from the South Rim arrive in Las Vegas about 9:30 PM while returns from the West Rim take place around 5:30 PM.

If you go to the South Rim, plan on staying about three hours and if you choose to embark on a West Rim journey, plan to stay about 4 hours. In either case, you will be impressed by the scenery and will, no doubt, want to make a return trip, either during your stay or at another time.

A Popular Destination

That is why tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas are popular travel escapes. You can enjoy all the excitement of Vegas and experience another form of excitement by planning a Grand Canyon escape.

While the South Rim is home to attractions such as the Trail of Time and Grand Canyon Village, the West Rim features the famous glass Skywalk. This projecting bridge and platform allows visitors to view the depths of the canyon and savor amazing panoramic views. The West Rim was built by the Hualapai tribe, which also owns this part of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon West Rim

Other sites of interest at the West Rim include Eagle Point which is a great place to view the sunset, an amphitheater which features interesting cultural entertainment, and Guano Point. Visitors to Guano Point can review historical remnants of an 8,800-foot-long mining operation. The site also features Hualapai Ranch, home to cowboy entertainment and lodging.

The Grand Canyon South Rim

If you choose to take a Grand Canyon Las Vegas tour to the South Rim, you can enjoy the view from sites such as Mohave Point, Pima Point, Hopi Point, Yavapai Point, and Mather Point. Desert View and Mather Point also offer some spectacular views.

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