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Vegas vacation panning can be stressful. If you want to see all that Vegas has to offer, you need to look past the boundaries of Vegas and see what is located nearby. By taking a day journey to the Grand Canyon, you can round out your Vegas vacation nicely. Take one of the Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours to either the South Rim or West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Which Grand Canyon Tours To Take

You just need to choose which of the destinations you would rather see. Most people, who have not explored the Grand Canyon previously, prefer to go to the South Rim. This part of the canyon is less remote and is part of Grand Canyon National Park. The West Rim is located on Native American tribal land, and is quieter and less crowded. However, this venue lacks the visitor centers and interpretive displays that are featured quite readily at the South Rim.

Visiting The South Rim

While either destination features interesting attractions, you should take a Vegas vacation to the South Rim if you want to get acquainted with the famous gorge. For example, the South Rim is home to the Trail of Time. The display is located along a path that shows how rocks were formed geologically over time. You can also take several interesting trails, or ride the shuttle and visit sites in Grand Canyon Village.

Visiting The West Rim

If you choose to go to the West Rim, you will find that the main attraction is the glass Skywalk. This projecting platform and bridge enables you to see down into the canyon’s depths and witness some beautiful 360-degree views. The Hualapai Native American tribe owns the land in this area, and therefore features its Native American art and crafts.

When To Visit

When scheduling one of the Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours, speak to a tour operator, such as Grand Canyon Destinations about a booking. One of the best times to see any part of the canyon is from either March to May or from September to November. While plenty of people visit the canyon in the summer, the temperatures are more favorable in the spring and fall.

Schedule Your Vegas Vacation Today

Whenever you choose to go, you will enjoy the experience. All visitors who take Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours enjoy boxed lunches, and a stop off at the Hoover Dam to take pictures. If you want to make your Las Vegas vacation one of the best vacations you have ever experienced, you need to book a Grand Canyon day trip. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations today to make sure of your spot on a Grand Canyon bus.

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