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Grand Canyon tour bus from Vegas is the best way to see the canyon. If you plan to visit Las Vegas soon, you will want to add a Grand Canyon bus tour to your itinerary. Only four hours away, the Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

While the above facts are clearly documented online, you may not know about the following tidbits of information – information that will make any Grand Canyon tour bus all the more exciting. Some of the information is shared on guided tours of the canyon.


Because sudden elevation changes impact the temperature and weather, the Grand Canyon’s climate can change drastically, depending on where you are hiking or climbing. While it can be cold and wet on the South Rim, close to the Bright Angel Lodge, it can be scorching and hot at the Phantom Ranch, at the bottom of the canyon, just eight miles away.

Depth of the Canyon

While the Grand Canyon is undoubtedly deep, it is not the deepest canyon in the world. You’ll find the deepest canyon in Tibet. Where the Grand Canyon plunges to a depth of 6,093 feet, the Yarlung Tsangpo canyon’s depth extends 17,567 feet, making it about two miles deeper. The Tibetan canyon also surpasses the Grand Canyon in length, being about 30 miles longer than the popular gorge.


Fossils turn up in the Grand Canyon area a great deal of the time. Some of the relics suggest that the area was inhabited by marine creatures over 1.2 billion years ago. Recent remains of land mammals, found in caves, go back about 10,000 years.

The Colorado River

Only eight indigenous species of fish inhabit the Colorado River, with six of the species only found in this stream worldwide. Because the weather can easily change, the fish population in the Colorado River is minimal.

Geological History

The Grand Canyon offers a rock geological history dating back over one billion years. However, scientists still do not know what occurred in the period between the formation of the rock strata 250 million years ago back and its initial development.

You can find out a lot of fascinating geological information when you take a Grand Canyon tour bus from Vegas. Explore the travel packages today to the South Rim and West Rim. Both luxury bus excursions are featured by the Las Vegas premier travel operator Grand Canyon Destinations.

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