Add a Vegas bus tour to your Vegas trip

Planning a trip to Las Vegas is an exciting undertaking, especially if you include a daytrip to the Grand Canyon. You can take a trip to the South Rim or West Rim while you stay in Las Vegas. The tour bus will pick you up from your hotel or a nearby location, starting between 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM. Therefore, all you need to do is book one of the Vegas bus tours to the Grand Canyon, using the services of a tour operator, such as Grand Canyon Destinations.

Why booking a Grand Canyon tour is easy

You don’t have to hassle with booking a rental car or feel anxious about navigating over an unexplored terrain. You can leave all the driving to a friendly and experienced driver. While travelling, passengers enjoy comfortable and adjustable cushioned seats, controlled AC, and panoramic window views. Everything is provided that makes Vegas bus tours to the Grand Canyon memorable and exciting.

Grand Canyon Destinations to choose from

When taking one of the tours from Vegas, you will travel to the South Rim, part of Grand Canyon National Park, or to the West Rim, part of Native American tribal land. Each of these destinations offers its own unique sights and attractions. You can make your choices when you go online and survey the tour packages for Vegas bus tours to the Grand Canyon.

If you take a day tour it will begin very early in the morning and end in the evening. When you go on a South Rim tour, you will stay in Grand Canyon National Park about three hours. If you choose to travel to the West Rim, you will be visiting tribal land and your stay will last about four hours. The West Rim is closer to Las Vegas. Therefore, you will stay longer at the Grand Canyon site and get back to Las Vegas earlier.

What to expect on Vegas bus tours

All Vegas bus tours to the South Rim and West Rim accommodate passengers with panoramic window views, controlled AC, and carefully planned itineraries. Passengers also receive breakfast snacks, box lunches, and plenty of water. Tour guides highlight points of interest while passengers sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Visit the South Rim and see Grand Canyon Village or journey to the West Rim and walk over the fabled glass Skywalk. In either case, you will have a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations today about booking one of the Vegas bus tours on your next Las Vegas stay.

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