Grand Canyon Bus Trips

The Grand Canyon attracts the interest of about five million people annually. Not only is this site the most visited location in the US, it is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. That is why Grand Canyon bus trips regularly run from Vegas to the canyon. Vacationers in Vegas can take a day trip journey to the canyon and add it to their Vegas vacation. One of the premier tour operators in the area, Grand Canyon Destinations, offers trips to the South Rim or West Rim of the Canyon.

A Trip to the Canyon

If you take one of the Grand Canyon bus trips hosted by Grand Canyon Destinations, it is better to travel to the South Rim if you are seeing the canyon for the first time. Professional tour guides can provide you with introductory information. You can also drop in at the Verkamp’s Visitor Center to become acquainted with canyon sights and attractions. As the South Rim is more commercialized than the West Rim, it is a better and more convenient choice for first-time canyon travelers.

When to Visit

When visiting the canyon, it is best to see it in the spring or fall, as those times are more temperate and weather-friendly. If you go by bus in the summer, you can enjoy controlled air conditioning on your journey. Be aware that the canyon walls absorb the heat of the sun, which makes everything feel warmer. Fortunately, if you take one of the Grand Canyon bus trips out of Vegas you will be given plenty of water. Therefore, you won’t suffer from dehydration.

What You Will See

Some of the major attractions that you will see at the South Rim include the Bright Angel Trail, the Kolb Studio (a former photography studio), the El Tovar Hotel, and Bright Angel Lodge. You can also enjoy mule rides to the Phantom Ranch if you wish to stay overnight, or a couple days in the canyon.

If you choose to travel to the West Rim, the glass Skywalk is the main attraction. See deep down into the canyon through the sturdy glass platform.

Book a Grand Canyon Bus Trip Today!

Learn more about Grand Canyon bus trips now by going online or contacting us at Grand Canyon Destinations. If Vegas is in the cards as a future trip, make sure you book a day journey to the South Rim or West Rim now.

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