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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas, Nevada

Different Tours From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located just a few hours from Las Vegas. This makes it the perfect day trip excursion for people visiting Vegas. Once Las Vegas tourists realize how close the canyon is, many decide to book Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas and cross this destination off their bucket list. 

If you are not familiar with the Grand Canyon, however, you may not realize that there are various Grand Canyon destinations as well as many different kinds of tours you can take to get there. Planes, trains, and automobiles are some of the exciting ways you can get to and from the canyon from Las Vegas.

A tour participant overlooks the Grand Canyon's Horseshoe Bend

Tours To The South Rim And West Rim

The most common Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas that people take go to either the South Rim or the West Rim. Grand Canyon Destinations offers various tours to both of these locations. 

One thing that makes Grand Canyon Destinations unique is that we have a separate tour guide and driver. The standard Grand Canyon tour companies use a driver and tour guide in one. This person then has to check guests in, narrate the tour, pass out lunches, answer questions, and drive a 40,000 pound vehicle safely.

At Grand Canyon Destinations, we value safety and customer service. That is why we have a separate driver and tour guide on every tour bus. Your dedicated tour guide will be there to guide you, share facts and stories, answer your questions, and help you with any needs throughout the tour.


The Comfortable Tour Bus


The most affordable option that travels to both the South Rim and the West Rim is the comfortable bus tour. Our comfortable bus tour travels in a 54-passenger tour bus loaded with all the best amenities. You will not have to worry about the length of either trip, as all the buses have an onboard, unisex restroom located in the back part of the bus. The buses have head rests and foot rests so you can find a comfortable position to take a nap on the drive there or back as well. Lastly, to keep you entertained, the buses all have TVs. Drivers will often play videos or movies relevant to the tour that will let you learn more about what you are seeing, or simply keep you entertained.

Taking a tour to the South or West Rim on a comfortable tour bus is affordable, convenient, and easy. You can trust that Grand Canyon Destinations will always have room for you on a tour bus when you book in advance. When it comes to Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, the tour bus option has become very popular among tourists who want to visit the canyon. It is no wonder why considering how simple and accommodating our comfortable tour bus is for guests.

Mercedes Sprinter

Another great option for Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas is the VIP Mercedes Sprinter. This is the transportation used for our VIP small group tours to the South Rim or West Rim. These Sprinter vans can hold up to 14 passengers and have all the glamour of a VIP experience. The van’s 9-foot tall ceilings allow you to stand and stretch when needed and provide a comfortable, spacious environment. 

Traveling with a small group allows you to have more freedom when it comes to stops along the way, timing, and preferences of what you would like to do. When you choose the small group option, your driver is also your dedicated tour guide. They will be there to accommodate your group’s needs throughout the day. Answering questions, telling stories, and sharing interesting facts and history are just a few ways your guide will entertain and inform you along the way. Whether you have a small group that wants to travel to the South Rim or West Rim, we can provide you with a Mercedes Sprinter to get you there.

Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas To The South Rim

Grand Canyon South Rim is the location of the famous Grand Canyon National Park. The South Rim is the most visited rim and portion of the Grand Canyon when it comes to tourism. It is home to many incredible view points, visitor centers, wildlife, restaurants, and easily accessible trails. The South Rim also has a few special ways of traveling there that are unique to this destination. Below, read about these special ways of transporting yourself to the canyon that will make your trip even more special.

Take A Train Ride To The South Rim

One of the most unique, fun, and picturesque ways to travel to the Grand Canyon South Rim is via train. The Grand Canyon Railway has a rich and interesting history that is intertwined with the Grand Canyon’s. The Grand Canyon Train began running in 1901 and is still running today. Grand Canyon Destinations is the only tour company in Las Vegas that provides guests with the option to take the Grand Canyon Train tour from Las Vegas to the South Rim. 

The train departs from the train depot in Williams, Arizona which is about three hours from Las Vegas. The way our tour works is you begin your tour being picked up by one of our comfortable tour buses in the morning. You then ride this bus to Williams, where you get off the bus and board the Grand Canyon train. You then finish the journey to the Grand Canyon South Rim on the train.

Once you arrive at the South Rim, you have time to explore, walk along the rim, take photos, and look into the shops and restaurants. There is something for everyone at the South Rim, so you can be assured you will not be bored. Taking the Grand Canyon train adds to the fun and authenticity of a South Rim tour to the canyon. You will not find the rich history and entertainment of a train tour in other varieties of Grand Canyon tours from Vegas.

Airplane flights to the South Rim

Maybe you would prefer to fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. One last way you can get to the South Rim of the canyon is by airplane. You will ride in a small passenger plane designed to give you amazing views the whole way. You won’t beat the views and awe you will feel from seeing the Grand Canyon from so high up. Plane tours are certainly the most time efficient  of all Grand Canyon tours from Vegas as it only takes about one hour to fly from Las Vegas to the canyon. If you are looking for an impressive tour experience with breathtaking views into and around the Grand Canyon, the airplane tour may be the one for you to try.

Learn About The South Rim Before You Go

Many guests like to learn the history and stories behind the Grand Canyon before they travel to see the real thing. When you are on your Grand Canyon tour, your dedicated and knowledagable tour guide will be able to share lots of canyon information with you. Before you even start your tour, however, you can learn more about the national park through the Grand Canyon National Park website.  

Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas To The West Rim

For those who want a shorter travel time to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, there is the West Rim. The travel time to the West Rim is about half of the time to the South Rim. The West Rim and South Rim have their own unique attractions and viewpoints that visitors love to experience. Among their differences are the different ways one can travel to them. The West Rim, because it is closer, allows visitors to arrive via helicopter, while the South Rim does not.

Helicopter Ride To The West Rim Skywalk

The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you in a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim. Departing from Las Vegas, you will fly via helicopter approximately 45 minutes to the Grand Canyon. You will see not only the canyon from above, but also the spectacular Colorado River as well as the famous glass Skywalk Bridge. You will have a chance to land on the canyon floor and the rim of the canyon as well. If you want to add even more fun to your day, you can take a boat ride on the river while you are there. 

The West Rim of the canyon truly allows visitors to see and feel the Grand Canyon from all sides, heights, views, and more. Traveling there by helicopter is the only way to make a Grand Canyon West Rim experience even more impressive and memorable.

The West Rim of the canyon is full of history, culture, and excitement. To learn about the different activities you can find at the West Rim, check out the Grand Canyon West website.

No matter which rim of the Grand Canyon you visit, or how you choose to travel there, you can be sure that your trip will be incredible. There are many unique adventures to the canyon that await you. No matter which Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas you choose to take, it is our guarantee that Grand Canyon Destinations will make your journey the best it can be.