How To See Grand Canyon Sites

Grand Canyon sites are easy to see when you decide to visit Las Vegas. If you do, add to your Vegas entertainment by booking travel to the Grand Canyon. Why not take a day trip to see the Canyon sites while you stay in the world’s premier gambling and entertainment capital?

Book a day trip by bus to Grand Canyon sites by contacting Grand Canyon Destinations. Our family-run company features South Rim and West Rim bus trips in vehicles that allow you to lie back and relax in comfortable and adjustable seats. Panoramic view-friendly windows, climate-controlled air conditioning, and a unisex lavatory and handwashing system comprise some of the amenities.

What To Expect On A Tour

After scheduled on-time pickup from you Vegas hotel, your journey by bus to Grand Canyon sites begins.  See man-made engineering marvels such as the Hoover Dam, or historical places such as the El Tovar hotel in Grand Canyon Village. Tour guides will give you details of sites to make the trip even more exciting. Capture the scenery by taking photos at stop-points along the way.

If you have been thinking about touring Vegas, do yourself a favor and include a trip by bus to Grand Canyon destinations on your itinerary. Affordably priced, traveling to the Canyon should be added to every Vegas trip itinerary. Take tours to the South Rim or West Rim, or schedule a trip to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Walk across the glass Skywalk at the West Rim. While Vegas offers man-made excitement, the Grand Canyon features natural fun and entertainment.

Book A Tour To See The Grand Canyon Today

By contacting us here at Grand Canyon Destinations, you can find a way to explore and see Grand Canyon sites at a reasonable price. We want to provide an enjoyable travel experience – one that will enrich your life and give you something to treasure the rest of your life. Contact us here in Vegas to plan your Grand Canyon trip today.

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Kyle Gooverton

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