The Best Grand Canyon Tours In Vegas

Would you like to experience the grandeur of the Grand Canyon along with your Vegas experiences? If so, you only need to contact a premier tour company- an operator that offers the best Grand Canyon tours in Vegas. By taking this day trip, you can make your Vegas holiday like no other.

Deciding Which Rim To Visit

You may be wondering which side of the Grand Canyon is best to visit. There are a few different Grand Canyon destinations to choose from when taking a trip. When you decide to take this journey, you can choose to escape to the South Rim or West Rim of the Grand Canyon. You just need to determine exactly what you want to see. For example, if you choose the South Rim, you can see historic sites such as Grand Canyon Village or view the canyon during sunset at Mather Point.

The West Rim

If you want to take one of the best Grand Canyon tours offered that provides a quieter experience, you may want to opt for a trip to the canyon’s West Rim. The West Rim is home to the amazing Skywalk- a projecting glass walkway and bridge that allows you to see panoramic views and deep down into the canyon. This is a one-of-kind platform and walkway. Therefore, visiting the see-through Skywalk is a unique and memorable experience.

Taking A Canyon Bus Tour

If you choose to take the best Grand Canyon tours by bus, you can enjoy comfortable and adjustable cushioned seats, individually controlled AC, and panoramic window views. By taking a bus tour, you can leave early from a convenient pick-up point and return to the same spot at night. Why should you rent a car when you can arrive at your destination in comfort?

The South Rim

If you choose to go to the South Rim, you will spend about three hours in Grand Canyon National Park. Because the West Rim is closer to Vegas, you will spend about four hours at this destination. All passengers also get to stop over at the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, where they can take pictures before resuming their trip.

Choose The Best Grand Canyon Tours

You can arrange guided tours of the canyon or take a self-guided tour on your own. Regardless of your choices, you will find that the best Grand Canyon tours are journeys that are taken by luxury bus. Book travel today and find out all the details by contacting Grand Canyon Destinations online.

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