Learn About The Havasupai On A Grand Canyon Tour

Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour bookings are easy to make when visiting Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is currently home to six Native American tribes. One of these tribes is the Havasupai. When translated, “Havasupai” means “people of aqua waters” – a reference to the waterfalls located on Havasupai land in Havasu Canyon. The waterfalls serve as a major source of income for the tribe in the tourism trade.

What is interesting about this tribe’s homeland is its location in the canyon. A Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour will bring this fact to life.  The tribe’s headquarters is located below the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, and can only be accessed by mule train, by helicopter, or by foot. The 400 people who live in the area are more isolated than other native canyon tribes.

Scheduling A Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour

If you want to learn more about this tribe or the other tribes in the canyon, you need to schedule a tour with a reliable bus service, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Doing so will make travel planning a breeze, and give you more information about Grand Canyon History. We, at Grand Canyon Destinations, offer a fleet of buses that provide cushioned and adjustable seats, wide, view-friendly windows, and an onboard restroom to increase your level of comfort.

If you want to see the Grand Canyon at a slower pace, you should book a Grand Canyon West tour if you plan a day trip to the canyon. Not only will you get to find out more details about the Havasupai tribe, you can see the Skywalk – a cantilevered bridge and glass-floored platform that projects over the canyon.

Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk

You can look directly down into the canyon’s deep abyss. The bridge, which was constructed by the Hualapai tribe, extends 70 feet from Eagle Point and features views that reach 4,000 feet deep. The glass, which is made of five layers, provides a safe walkway. In fact, the platform can hold just over 70 million pounds of weight.

Points of Interest

When you schedule a West Rim bus tour, you can see the following attractions:

  • An amphitheater
  • Guano Point – which is home to interesting historical remains
  • Hualapai Ranch – a base for cowboy entertainment
  • Havasu Canyon – home of the Havasupai Indians and some beautiful, if not spectacular, waterfalls

Book A Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour Today

Schedule a Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour today. If you plan to visit Las Vegas during the spring or fall, you will find the temperatures are more amenable. Even if you have to wait until summer, that is okay too. Our affordable and customized travel services will make traveling to the West Rim fun just about any time.

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