2020 Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

2020 Grand Canyon tours can be planned right now if you are planning a trip to Vegas. You will want to schedule a Grand Canyon West Rim tour as soon as you book travel to Vegas. This trip has been hailed by many Vegas vacationers as one of the most spectacular activities of their journey. If you love adventure and exploration, you will love to see the West Rim.

Some of the Key Attractions

When you go on a 2020 Grand Canyon West Rim tour you can see some key attractions that are one-of-a-kind. These sites include the following:

1. The Grand Canyon Skywalk

This glassed bridge is a must-see site for anyone who visits the West Rim. In fact, it usually is the main reason travelers go to this part of the Grand Canyon. The bridge, which features a 2.5-inch thick glass platform, hovers over a 720-foot drop into the canyon. However, don’t worry about the platform breaking, as it can hold up to 71 million tons – the equivalent to seventy 747 passenger jets.

2. Eagle Point

The Skywalk is located at this site. Eagle Point is so-named because the rock formation in this part of the canyon looks like an eagle. Therefore, you will want to take photos of this site to share on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Guano Point

This part of the canyon offers spectacular canyon views you cannot miss on a 2020 Grand Canyon tour. Dine at the edge at the popular Guano Deli. Enjoy a meal after taking a trek up along Highpoint Hike. You can see the canyon and the Colorado River from the top of the trail. Also, you won’t want to miss seeing the remnants of a historic tram that once spanned 8,800 feet into a guano mine.

4. Hualapai Village

This part of the rim is home to the Hualapai Native American Tribe. Not only can you witness Native American structures, you can also visit the gift shop, owned by the tribe, that sells original souvenirs and crafts.

5. The Zip Line

If you love thrills, you will get your fill when you soar 1,000 feet over the Canyon via a zip line. You can get an adrenaline rush, as well as view some amazing scenery.

Be Amazed On A 2020 Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

Check with Grand Canyon Destinations about taking a 2020 Grand Canyon West Rim tour. Buses leave from Las Vegas daily and return the same day.

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