Las Vegas Bus Tours Take You To The Canyon

You won’t feel any place is as iconic or memorable as Vegas. However, one natural wonder compares favorably to this popular vacation destination, and that is the Grand Canyon. Luckily, Las Vegas bus tours make it easy and convenient to see the Grand Canyon while visiting Vegas.

Paying a visit to this impressive and natural landmark is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime journey. That is why no Vegas vacation is complete until you book a day trip to the Grand Canyon as well. To make your journey streamlined and hassle-free, book one of the Las Vegas bus tours that take travelers to the West Rim or the South Rim at Grand Canyon National Park.

A Stop At The Hoover Dam 

Before you arrive at the Grand Canyon, tour companies, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, stop at Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. The dam is a structure you won’t forget. Travelers get to take pictures for about 20 minutes on this part of the trip. Expect to be impressed when you take one of the Las Vegas tours that lead to Hoover Dam and the canyon.

A Las Vegas Bus To The West Rim

If your journey leads you to the West Rim, you can see the Skywalk, a glassed bridge and platform that permits you to see far down into the canyon’s depths. Don’t worry about the glass shattering, as it can hold a lot of weight. In fact, it has been designed to hold tons of weight in pedestrian traffic.

The Skywalk is located at Eagle Point, which is also home to an amphitheater and gift store. Other sights of interest include Hualapai Ranch (a home for cowboy escapades and entertainment) and Guano Point (a historical site that covers the remnants of a once-thriving guano mining operation). The remains of the operation stretch 8,800 feet into the depths of the mine.

Or Tour The South Rim

By taking one of the luxury Las Vegas bus tours hosted by companies, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you can also book travel to the South Rim. Another popular site, the South Rim features a number of memorable attractions, including the following:

  • Mohave Point – Also known as “sunset point,” and for good reason. When the sun sets at this location, it really is quite amazing.
  • Pima Point – Situated at the extreme end of the canyon, this site enables you to see a large stretch of the canyon, including the Colorado River.
  • Hopi Point – See unobstructed views of the canyon, all which take on a new glow during sunset.
  • Yavapai Point – Another great site to view the natural marvels of the canyon.
  • Mather Point – This point displays the largest view of the canyon (about ¼ of the rock formation).

Book Your Las Vegas Bus Today

Considering the scenery and the magnificence of this destination, you cannot forfeit booking a day trip. Schedule a day journey from Las Vegas hosted by a Las Vegas bus tours company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, today. Reserve your spot early to ensure your Grand Canyon day trip.

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