Taking A Canyon West Rim Tour

Canyon West Rim tours are a great excursion from Vegas. Have you planned a trip to Las Vegas? If so, you will want to schedule a tour of the Grand Canyon too. Schedule a day trip and enjoy the wildlife and sites of this natural marvel. To plan your trip successfully, contact a tour company that regularly arranges trips to the South Rim and West Rim.

If you want to know who to call, we at Grand Canyon Destinations can provide the solution. Our family-owned operation features a fleet of luxury buses that will make your trip a comfortable and memorable holiday. Whether you travel for leisure or adventure, you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey. To avoid the crowds at the Canyon, take the West Rim tour, and explore the Canyon with less distractions.

See The Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk

By taking a Grand Canyon West tour, you can visit the popular Skywalk. Built in 2007 by the Hualapai tribe, this open-air glass bridge extends 70 feet out from the edge of Eagle Point and provides views 4,000 feet down into the Canyon’s depths. Super strong and safe, the five-layered glass bridge measures ten feet wide and features walls four to six feet tall. Don’t worry about crossing the see-through connection, as it can hold a weight up to just over 70 million pounds.

Plan to visit the West Rim of the canyon in the fall or spring. That way, you can avoid the crowds and experience a more temperate climate. Besides the Skywalk, you can see the following sites as well:

  • Eagle Point, and its amphitheatre and art and gift shop. (This location is home to the Skywalk too.)
  • Guano Point, and the its guano mine. Guano, or bat manure, was mined for use as a fertilizer. See the historic tram that stretched, at one time, 8,800 feet over the canyon to the mine.
  • Hualapai Ranch, and its cowboy entertainment.

Book A Personal Tour Guide

Tour guides with Grand Canyon Destinations can take you on a Grand Canyon West Rim tour that you can mark off your bucket list. If you want to walk across one amazing bridge, take time now and book your travel experience online.

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