West Rim Grand Canyon Tours

West Rim Grand Canyon is land that is owned by the Hualapai Native American tribe. Because this area of the canyon is more secluded, it makes it easier to connect with nature. Whether you explore the depths of the canyon on the Skywalk glass bridge or hike the path that leads to Guano Point, you can get your fill of nature and sightseeing on this special tour.

Book A Tour Online

When staying in Las Vegas, you can easily book a day trip to the West Rim. Grand Canyon Destinations offers this travel package online. Booking a West Rim tour can be done just about any time.

Take the tour at the site that highlights three spectacular attractions – Eagle Point (home of the unique Skywalk bridge), Guano Point, and the Hualapai Ranch (home to cowboy entertainment). The West Rim has been inhabited by Hualapai Native Americans for centuries, who consider it to be sacred ground.

Why Visit The West Rim

Although the West Rim has not been commercially developed like the South Rim, it still attracts millions of visitors annually. For example, on the West Rim Grand Canyon tour, featured by Grand Canyon Destinations, you can see natural wonders, such the river-carved rock at Eagle Point. See rock that nature has sculpted to look like an eagle. The West Rim also is also the only part of the Grand Canyon where aircraft can land.

See The Famous Skywalk

No trip to the West Rim is complete without visiting the Skywalk Bridge. The safety glass is impervious to large volumes of traffic, and permits visitors to see 720 feet down to the canyon floor. The projecting bridge adds excitement to seeing the West Rim and its spectacular views.

West Rim Grand Canyon Tours

If you want to take a tour that is more secluded and peaceful, book one of the West Rim tour excursions today. This tour gives you a chance to see the Canyon in a more peaceful and remote setting. Whether you hike, dine, or visit the Skywalk, you will find that a West Rim excursion is well worth the time and money. Speak to a representative at Grand Canyon Destinations to book travel now to the West Rim.

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