Taking a West Rim Grand Canyon Tour

West Rim Grand Canyon tour should be added to your bucket list. If you have planned a vacation to Las Vegas, you might want to add a day trip to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Both West Rim and South Rim tours are featured by local Vegas travel providers, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. While South Rim tours feature more crowds and an easier walking terrain, the West Rim boasts a more remote location – one that makes you feel like you have totally escaped.

When taking a West Rim Grand Canyon tour, expect to see a number of interesting sights and attractions. This tour, which is usually longer than a South Rim tour, will keep you engaged and interested for a good part of the day. Guests acclimate themselves to travelling by stopping off at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead first before heading on to the canyon.  Below is an overview of some of the noted attractions, activities, and sites.

Eagle Point

Any West Rim Grand Canyon tour includes a visit to Eagle Point. This point in the park features an amphitheater that hosts Native American performances. Stop at the gift store and view the Native American jewelry and crafts.

The Skywalk Bridge

This lovely glass bridge, formed like a horseshoe, projects over the perimeter of a 4000-foot drop over the canyon. Walking on the bridge is both scary and exhilarating. However, don’t let your fear keep you away. The bridge’s walkway is made of five layers of glass, each of which measures about 2.5 inches thick. The structure also can hold a good deal of weight, or about 71 million pounds. To safeguard the projection, visitors cannot carry personal items onto the platform, such as cameras. Therefore, you cannot take pictures when you walk on the bridge.

Hualapai Ranch

This western ranch features cowboy entertainment in the form of roping and wagon rides. If you want to stay over, you can also book lodging at one of the site’s cabins.

Guano Point

This rock point, shaped like a pyramid, possesses some of the most beautiful views in this part of Grand Canyon Park– a good reason to schedule a West Rim Grand Canyon tour during a Vegas vacation. Climb the terrain of the Highpoint Hike or view the remnants of a tram that once spanned 8,800 feet across into a guano mine. The Hualapai sell handmade jewelry and crafts at the site.

Pontoon Tours and Helicopter Flights

You can either cruise over the Colorado River in a pontoon boat or enjoy a helicopter flight from the area’s airport to the canyon’s floor. It certainly is an amazing experience to look up and see the grandeur of the cliffs. Pontoon tours or helicopter flights should be reserved for trips that span a couple days.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A West Rim Grand Canyon Tour

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