West Rim Canyon Tours Run Daily

West Rim canyon tours take you to areas of the Grand Canyon that draw a great deal of interest. West Rim tours are regularly scheduled in the spring, summer, and fall. This more remote area features a number of interesting sites, including the unique glass Skywalk – an amazing structure that permits visitors to see hundreds of feet down into the canyon’s depths. The glass for the Skywalk withstands tension and weight very well, thereby making it almost impossible to crack or damage.

Getting to the West Rim

If you choose to book one of the West Rim canyon tours featured by premium tour companies, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, plan to make a day of it. Usually travelers spend about four hours exploring this side of the canyon. If you are using a GPS, be advised that the West Rim does not have a postal address. You can identify the site by inserting “Grand Canyon West” or inserting “Grand Canyon West Airport.” You can also use the following mapping code – AZ L7FN.7D. Or use the following latitude and longitude – Latitude – 36d0’43.55” N and Longitude – 113d48’40.50” W.

Upon Your Arrival

Once you affirm the location, you may wonder about the activities. It is best to take one of the West Rim canyon tours sponsored by Grand Canyon Destinations, as doing so is much easier. You cannot use a private vehicle in this part of the Canyon. Instead, you can either choose to walk to points-of-interest or take advantage of the park’s hop-on and hop-off shuttle service.

If you are older or feel you may not be able to walk a great deal, you will be glad to know that this location offers a number of spots where you can sit down an enjoy the scenery. The hop-on and hop-off shuttle can also get you to the various points conveniently and quickly.

Hiking at the West Rim

If you want to partake in a hike, take the moderate hiking path that starts at Guano Point, known as “Highpoint Hike.” This location features a lovely panoramic view of the Colorado River and the canyon. You can also take an easy hiking path down the canyon’s edge, where you can view the remains of a once-thriving guano mine.

Remembering A West Rim Canyon Tours Adventure

If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can find a number of gift shops in Grand Canyon West. Stores supply Skywalk and Western Rim memorabilia, Old West items, and Native American crafts. If you are particularly adventurous, you can do some zip-lining in the West Rim too.

The Grand Canyon West Rim offers a little something for everyone who visits. See what it can offer you and book your tour today! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see current tour and Grand Canyon information!

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