Taking A West Rim Tour

A West Rim tour is the best way to round out a Las Vegas vacation. If you are traveling to Las Vegas, make sure you include a day trip to the Grand Canyon on your list of things to do. While you can experience the best in dining, gaming, and entertainment in Vegas, you can visit the natural wonders that draw people to West Rim tours of the Grand Canyon by bus.

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The Best Times To Travel

Maybe you do not like crowds. If so, you should arrange one of the featured West Rim tours to the Grand Canyon in the spring, summer, or fall. Not only will you enjoy great scenic views, you can visit sites, such as the Skywalk. In fact, the Skywalk provides the icing on the cake for any West Rim tour experience.

Walk The Skywalk

An open-air glass bridge built in 2007, the Grand Canyon Skywalk draws interest from people all over the world. Built by the Hualapai tribe, the sturdy, five-layered glass bridge features views 4,000 feet down into the Canyon. The sturdy glass connection holds just over 70 million pounds and spans ten feet across. The walls of the bridge measure four to six feet high.

When visiting the West Rim with Grand Canyon Destinations, you can see other points of interests too, such as the Hualapai Ranch (home to cowboy entertainment); Guano Point (which features a guano mine and spectacular views); and Eagle Point (home to the Skywalk, shops, and dining). Capture moments that you can archive in your memory by booking one of the West Rim tours featured by Grand Canyon Destinations today.

What To See On A West Rim Tour

To summarize your tour experience, you can see the following:

  • Eagle Point. Shaped like an eagle, this rock configuration houses the Skywalk. The site also features an art and gift shop and amphitheatre complex.
  • Guano Point. See the site of guano mining in an earlier time.
  • Hualapai Ranch. Have fun at this cowboy-friendly site.
  • Havasu Canyon. Find peace in the canyon – a place that can only be reached by hiking, on horseback, or by helicopter.
  • See the lovely Navajo Falls, Mooney Falls, and Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon.

It goes without saying – you will love your trip to the West Rim. A West Rim tour is easy to book your Grand Canyon adventure with Grand Canyon Destinations today.

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