Vegas West Rim Tours Have It All

Tribal performances at the Grand Canyon West Rim draw a large number of visitors from Las Vegas. Vegas vacationers who take one of the Grand Canyon West Rim tours with Grand Canyon Destinations return the same day. Passenger pick-up begins around 7:00 AM with the return scheduled around 5:30 PM. A luxury bus with all the amenities picks up West Rim travelers at or near their hotel.

See The Hoover Dam

Usually, in a car, a direct trip to the West Rim would take about 2.5 hours. However, the tour bus stops first at Hoover Dam for about 30 minutes. Guests can get out and stretch their legs and take pictures at the dam. You can upload photos of your experience to Facebook or Instagram!

South Rim VS West Rim

The South Rim, located in Grand Canyon National Park, is the heart of the canyon. The West Rim is part of Hualapai tribal land. Hualapai, said as Wal-lah-pie, means “people of the tall pines.” The reservation for the Hualapai was established, by executive order, in 1883.  It consists of one million acres, including 108 miles of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours Include Tribal Performances

The tribe’s enterprise, Grand Canyon West, is at the West Rim – the main destination for popular Grand Canyon West Rim tours. A tour of Grand Canyon West leads to a more remote location. Most people journey to visit the glass see-through Skywalk – a horseshoe shaped bridge that permits visitors to venture past the rim of the Grand Canyon and stand 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.
Tribal performances featuring Native American entertainment are regularly at the site’s amphitheater, and the art and gift store at the location displays authentic Native American handmade crafts and jewelry. You will also want to visit Guano Point, located close to the remains of a former guano mining tram and operation. The Hualapai Ranch, situated at the site, also offers cowboy entertainment, including wagon rides.

Learn More About Tribal Performances On West Rim Tours

You can buy tickets for the Skywalk in advance through Grand Canyon Destinations. They add a small fee to the affordable travel cost before the scheduled trip. Learn more about this tour package online today. Make your Vegas vacation an especially memorable getaway. Whether you choose to see the South Rim or embark on one of the West Rim tours by bus, you will love the experience.

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