Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Vegas vacationers today often include a day trip to the Grand Canyon to their travel itinerary. By adding the excursion, they can enjoy an unmatched travel experience. While Vegas offers the best in gaming, dining, and entertainment, the Grand Canyon features natural wonders that both amaze and impress. These natural wonders regularly inspire travelers to book Grand Canyon West Rim tours, or tours to the South Rim. You too will want to add one of these journeys to your bucket list.

To make sure you choose the right travel company, book your day trip with an experienced and family owned tour company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. We are a premier bus service that offers luxury West Rim tours at an affordable price. In fact, you will spend less money on one of our day trips than what you would spend gambling. Therefore, you need to include a day trip to enhance your travel experience.

Comfortable Amenities

We feature top-of-the-line buses that provide the best in seats and window views. Individually controlled air conditioning also makes bus travel pleasant on a hot desert day. Don’t worry about restroom facilities, as buses also feature onboard lavatories. We make it possible for you to lie back and really enjoy the scenery.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

If you want to see the Grand Canyon with fewer crowds, then you will want to take one of our featured Grand Canyon West Rim tours on your Vegas vacation. Whether you travel in the spring, summer, or fall, you will be rewarded with scenic views and amazing attractions.

One of these attractions is the Skywalk. This glass bridge features a super strong see-through floor that permits you to see 4,000 feet down into the canyon. Don’t worry about the glass shattering, as it can hold millions of tons. The bridge spans ten feet across and projects over the canyon’s rim.

While on West Rim tours, you can also see the following sites:

  • Hualapai Ranch which serves as a base for cowboy entertainment
  • Guano Point which features a guano mine and spectacular scenery
  • Eagle Point which is home to the Skywalk as well as spectacular sunset views

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Schedule one of our Grand Canyon West Rim tours now and get ready to experience a unique and fun excursion. If you have always wanted to see the canyon, now is the time to do so.

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