Taking Grand Canyon To Las Vegas Tours

You may want to travel to the Grand Canyon during your stay in Las Vegas. This day trip adventure can be taken just about any time of the year. However, most people choose to travel from spring through fall. Though tours can be taken any time of year, the weather in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon changes vastly depending on the season. This can make it difficult to know what to wear in Vegas or on a tour.

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The South Rim

Most of the tourists visiting the canyon for the first-time head toward the South Rim. That is because this destination is part of Grand Canyon National Park, and therefore sites are easier to access. Tourists can take a shuttle, for instance, to the historic Grand Canyon village.

The West Rim

If you choose to travel to the West Rim, you will find that this part of the canyon is more secluded. However, it does offer some exciting attractions. For example, the West Rim is home to the fabled glass Skywalk, a projecting cantilever bridge that allows guests to see deep down into the gorge. You don’t have to worry about the glass cracking, as it is designed to hold a large amount of weight.

What To Wear On Grand Canyon To Las Vegas Tours

Regardless of which part of the canyon you choose to explore on one of the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas tours, you need to wear the right clothing and footwear. Make sure you wear sturdy and comfortable hiking boots or shoes. Never wear heels or flip-flops, as the terrain, in some areas, is a challenge to navigate.

Also wear light layers of clothing on any of the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas tours, regardless of the season. That way, you can peel off layers, as needed. During the summer, you should plan on wearing khaki lightweight slacks, a long-sleeved t-shirt, button-down shirt, or polo shirt, and sturdy shoes. Carry a light jacket so you can wear it when it cools in the evening.

Protection From The Sun

Slacks may be better than shorts, as you can easily get your legs burned if you are not careful. The same is true about the choice of a shirt. Make sure you protect your arms. If you do wear a short-sleeved shirt or shorts, apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.

It does not hurt to wear a hat either, especially if you visit the West Rim of the canyon. This part of the Grand Canyon does not provide much in the way of shade, so you can always benefit from wearing a hat. During the cooler times of year, a knit cap should be worn to keep you head warm. Because most of the heat of the body escapes through the head, wearing a cap can make a visit much more comfortable.

Don’t forget your sunshades either. The canyon walls attract the sun and the area is quite bright when the sun is shining. Therefore, make sure you wear the needed UV lens.

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