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West Rim Tours Grand Canyon With Guide

West RIM Walking Tour Details

This Tour Includes:

  • We offer a delicious breakfast snack and a box lunch.
  • Spend 4 hours exploring the Grand Canyon West Rim.
  • We provide pick-up and drop-off near and around most hotels. Don’t see your meeting spot for pick up on the list? Please contact us at  (866) 717-8687 to help arrange for transportation to a convenient meeting spot for pick-up.
  • Separate tour guide and driver on every tour providing excellent guest service.
  • Plenty of water is provided on tour.

Please Note:

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours from the start of tour.
  • We DO NOT use a check-in terminal; we leave directly after hotel pickups.
  • There are no additional fees on the day of tour.
  • No fuel surcharge.
  • A restroom is located on the tour bus.
  • Movies and entertainment are provided.
  • Times are approximate and are subject to change.
  • Pick-ups will begin approximately 7:00 AM.
  • Duration – Approximately 11 hours

2020 Tour Itinerary:

  • 7:00 AM begin pickups for the Grand Canyon West rim bus tour
  • Stop at the amazing Hoover Dam and get a photo opportunity during this comfort stop
  • Another brief stop in Dolan Springs to pickup fresh deli lunch and stretch your legs
  • Spend 4 hours at the Grand Canyon West Rim and Skywalk- your guide will show you all the hidden gems the West rim tour has to offer
  • Return to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon West Rim
  • Arrive around 5:30 PM from your Grand Canyon bus tour
  • P.S. – All times are approximate and are subject to change.

Are food and beverages included in the tour?

On our day trip to the Grand Canyon, a light breakfast snack and lunch are included. The water it’s on us. All you can drink!

Is a gratuity expected?

Tips are accepted and appreciated for a job well done. We suggest a 10% tip minimum, which is industry standard.

What items should we bring?

Bring your camera to capture and preserve beautiful memories. A government-issued photo ID is required for all flight tours. Other helpful things to bring are beverages with a screw-on cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and cash or credit cards if you’re planning to purchase anything such as souvenirs!

What should we wear?

We recommend comfortable walking shoes, and, for the summer months, wear sunblock and hats for protection. Dressing in layers is also suggested as summer monsoon storms are common. For the winter months, dress in warm clothing.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer free cancellation up to 24 hours from the start of the tour. Cancellations received less than 24 hours from the start of the tour will not be refunded. To be considered for a refund, please email custsvc@grandcanyondestinations.com.

Are there any additional fees or surcharges?

There is no fuel surcharge, and there are no other charges on the day of the tour.


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West Rim Tours Grand Canyon Description

West Rim tours Grand Canyon are the best way to get more out of a tour experience. If you are looking for someone to place even more of an emphasis on your adventure, then a private West Rim walking tour guide on a luxury Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour is for you. A Grand Canyon West Rim walking tour from Vegas gives you and your group the exclusive experience everyone who visits the Grand Canyon desires to have.

One benefit of our Grand Canyon West Rim tours from Vegas is that they offer a slightly shorter day trip compared to South Rim tours, which may work better for some visitor’s schedules. Additionally, we provide Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas Strip hotels which allows you to maximize your time by departing directly from your hotel to the Grand Canyon. If you are searching for the best Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas, look no further.

West Rim Tours Grand Canyon With A Guide

Bus tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim begin around 7:00 AM. The Grand Canyon West Rim is about 130 miles away, but the Las Vegas to West Rim tours Grand Canyon drive feels like a breeze in our relaxing tour bus. Your professional and friendly tour guide climbs aboard the luxury bus for a fully guided tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim. Your guide joins you throughout your trip to help you make the most of your experience, narrating along the way to all of the points of interest. A walking tour guide is the best way to make your Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour a truly personal adventure.

The standard Grand Canyon tour companies use a driver and tour guide in one. This person then has to check guests in, narrate the tour, pass out lunches, answer questions, and drive a 40,000 pound vehicle safely. At Grand Canyon Destinations, we value safety and customer service. That is why we have a separate driver and tour guide on every tour bus. Your dedicated tour guide will be there to guide you, share facts and stories, answer your questions, and help you with any needs throughout the tour.

Stopping At The Hoover Dam

First stop on your bus tour is at the Hoover Dam for a photo opportunity. Then continue your journey on our luxury bus, ready with a restroom and entertainment for your convenience, to ride along the Mojave Desert to the West Rim. One useful tip is to check the West Rim Grand Canyon weather before departing on your adventure as it is often different from Las Vegas weather. On a West Rim walking tour you spend a lot of your day outside, so you will want to prepare.

Arriving At The Grand Canyon On A West Rim Tour

Once you reach the West Rim, you will ride the shuttle to the first interest point, Eagle Point. Then your next interest points will include Guano Point and the Welcome Center. One convenience we provide is that the West Rim tours Grand Canyon entrance fee is included in your tour package, so you will not have to worry about purchasing that additional ticket. While at Grand Canyon West, one attraction you cannot miss if the famous Skywalk. Whether you choose to walk out onto it, or view it from the canyon rim, it is amazing. Once your tour concludes you will ride back to Las Vegas on our luxury bus.

Returning From Your West Rim Tours Grand Canyon Walking Tour

Returning from canyon tours, your average hotel arrival time in Las Vegas is around 5:30 PM. A light breakfast snack, lunch, and bottled water is included. One of the best Grand Canyon trips from Las Vegas is to the Grand Canyon West Rim. Best of all, our Las Vegas Grand Canyon bus tour prices are unbeaten by other tour companies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see historic landmarks with this detailed and exclusive walking tour. To learn more about the activities you can find on  West Rim tours Grand Canyon, check out the Grand Canyon West website.

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