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Grand Canyon tours and Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas take you to the Hoover Dam


Travel deep below the canyon to see the inner workings of the Hoover Dam power plant. Then, continue on to the Pat Tillman- Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge, followed by a stop at a Lake Mead overlook!

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About Hoover Dam 

Hoover Dam Tours From Las Vegas

Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas are the perfect way to spend a day in Las Vegas. Want a small half-day Vegas bus tour? The Hoover Dam Classic Tour is perfect for you. We provide the all-inclusive daily bus tour Las Vegas visitors are looking for to make it easy to see the Hoover Dam in one short day trip.

What To Expect On Hoover Dam Tours From Las Vegas

Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas let you see one of the most amazing man made wonders on Earth while riding in luxury from Las Vegas by bus. Many wonder, how far is Hoover Dam from Las Vegas? The Las Vegas to Hoover Dam drive is only 40 minutes, and the Hoover Dam is packed with photo opportunities and breathtaking sites. Don’t forget you will also get to see the amazing Memorial bridge that spans the Colorado River from the state of Nevada to the state of Arizona. Standing 890 feet above the mighty Colorado, the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is the second highest bridge in the United States.

Another Exciting Tour To Experience

If you are looking for more out of a Hoover Dam tour, we suggest the Hoover Dam Classic Tour. This all inclusive tour includes seeing the Hoover Dam and Memorial Bridge. What makes this tour special is the chance to view the Hoover Dam from above and below. You will get the full underground power plant tour with this tour.

To get up to date information about the Hoover Dam, visit the Hoover Dam Bureau of Reclamation website.

See The Grand Canyon And Hoover Dam In One Tour

If you are interested in visiting the Hoover Dam as well as the Grand Canyon, our Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas all make a short stop at this location on the way to the canyon as well.

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