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The Hoover Dam is often visited by Las Vegas vacationers, as it is a close manmade attraction. Located next to Lake Mead in a natural area, the dam should be included on a Vegas vacation. If you choose to go to the dam with a local tour company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you will make the trip a better experience. That is because our tour guides can direct you to the best places to take pictures and provide you with all the salient facts.

Other Options

Besides Hoover bus tours, Grand Canyon Destinations also offers trips to the South Rim and West Rim of the Grand Canyon. These trips are exciting, as they also include a stopover at the venerable Hoover Dam. Because the trips are affordable, you are assured that you will get the most for every vacation dollar you spend. In fact, you won’t spend as much on one of these trips as you probably will gambling. That is why it is always a good idea to add a day trip to your plans.

When you learn more about a Grand Canyon trip, you will forego the idea of taking one of the Hoover Dam bus tours, as you can see both the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon when you schedule a journey to the South Rim or West Rim. By using a family-owned business, such as Grand Canyon Destinations, you can make trip planning and scheduling easy. Enjoy taking one of our luxury buses and lie back and savor the scenery.

Comfort is Our Guarantee

At Grand Canyon Destinations, our first priority is to make our customers happy. That is why we ensure the ultimate in comfort during your journey. Our trained and knowledgeable guides can also present you with plenty of facts that will keep you entertained during the trip. Whether you choose to take one of our Hoover Dam bus tours or make the choice to travel to the South Rim or West Rim, you will be entertained.

For example, you will discover some fascinating facts when you visit the Hoover Dam. The concrete structure, which is located in Black Canyon, lies between Arizona and Nevada. Construction began on the dam in 1931 and continued until 1936. While it was first named Boulder Dam, the engineering marvel was renamed in 1933, in commemoration of President Herbert Hoover.

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Learn all sorts of interesting details when you take one of our Grand Canyon trips or Hoover Dam bus tours. Enjoy comforts as well, such as an onboard restroom, wide-angle windows, and reclining seats. Sit back and watch our video monitors as well. We will do all that we can to make your tour one you will cherish and archive in your memory. We promise to provide you with a travel experience that is both comfortable and safe.

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