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Plan a Hoover Dam tour to see an amazing site near Las Vegas. Whether you plan to see the West or South Rim by bus, you can see the Hoover Dam first. This part of the canyon is an ideal spot to start your journey. It gives you a chance to take great pictures and get yourself acclimated to a Grand Canyon adventure.

Enhance Your Las Vegas Travel Experience

By taking a Hoover Dam bus tour that leads to the South Rim or West Rim, you can enhance your Las Vegas travel experience. If you want to break away from the Las Vegas glitz for the day, this is the way to do it. The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead represent the largest reservoir in the world. Therefore, these sites are must-see attractions when you plan a Las Vegas vacation.

When you contact us here at Grand Canyon Destinations, you will find that arranging a Hoover Dam bus trip is really quite easy. This half-day excursion is only an hour away from the Strip. If you are traveling during the summer, book a Hoover Dam bus tour, as you can enjoy air conditioning on the bus and cool yourself off when it is blazing hot. If you would rather see the dam in a cooled bus versus walking around Las Vegas in the heat of day, you need to plan this journey.

A Great Engineering Work

By taking a Hoover Dam bus tour, you can see one of the great examples of engineering work. When it was completed in 1936, the Hoover Dam represented one of the largest man-made structures worldwide. The dam also represents one of the biggest producers of hydroelectric power anywhere in the world today. Measuring 726 feet in height and 1,244 feet long, it proves to be a great example of one massive generating feat.

Even if you really do not care about the engineering and the construction of the dam, you will find the surrounding landscape breathtaking and beautiful. Lake Mead’s cerulean blue water lends an interesting contrast to the surrounding landscape.

Giving People Renewed Hope at a Dismal Time

You cannot find many places in the world that combine the works of man and nature. Plus, the dam was built during the Depression – a time when many people were out of work. Therefore, this structure gave hope to people who would have not been able to work otherwise.

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