Grand Canyon National Park

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West Rim Skywalk

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Unique Adventure

Couple enjoys the view into the South Rim Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Grab a seat on our Grand Canyon tour bus and go sightseeing in luxury, comfort, and style. No check-in terminals, no waiting. Experience the Mojave Desert scenery as you travel along historic Route 66 to the Grand Canyon National Park.

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West Rim tours take you to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour

It’s an adventure when you travel on our fully equipped luxury tour bus to the West Rim. It’s an excursion when you take in the magnificent scenery through our large panorama windows, and it’s an attraction once you see this masterpiece!

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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are one of the most popular activities for visitors to Vegas. The best tour company from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Destinations, is a luxury bus and small group tour company that provides amazing adventures. Travel to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, and Utah National Parks!

Explore the beauty of the Southwest and take a luxury bus or a Mercedes Sprinter from Las Vegas to all the Grand Canyon Destinations. Tours include Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim, the West Rim and Grand Canyon SkyWalk, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, and Utah’s National Parks! We are committed to offering you comfort, convenience, and satisfaction!

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Why Choose Us?

Grand Canyon Tours By Grand Canyon Destinations

Grand Canyon tours taken through Grand Canyon Destinations offer an adventure tour experience that is as memorable as it is fun. We offer canyon tours from Las Vegas. Our tours travel to the South and West Rim of the canyon as well as the Hoover Dam and Zion National Park. All of our luxury tour experiences travel in our well-equipped and comfortable fleet of tour buses or Sprinter vans.

The standard Grand Canyon tour companies use a driver and tour guide in one. This person then has to check guests in, narrate the tour, pass out lunches, answer questions, and drive a 40,000 pound vehicle safely. At Grand Canyon Destinations, we value safety and customer service. That is why we have a separate driver and tour guide on every tour bus. Your dedicated tour guide will be there to guide you, share facts and stories, answer your questions, and help you with any needs throughout the tour.

Our Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon tours can be provided for small groups as well as large groups. Whether you plan to see the Hoover Dam or take one of our Grand Canyon South Rim bus tours, Grand Canyon Destinations can be your guide from Las Vegas. Being the best canyon tour company from Vegas means that we put you first.

We will exceed your expectations when it comes to service and comfort. When taking one of our tours, you will find different ways to explore. The following information will fill you in on what to expect when visiting the Grand Canyons West Rim or booking one of our South Rim tours through our website.

Traveling In Comfort

When it comes to traveling, we know that you want to be comfortable. That is why all of our tours make this a priority by riding in our luxury fleet of vehicles. The large tour buses hold up to 55 passengers. Each bus has an on board restroom, head and foot rests, TVs for entertainment, and individually controlled air conditioning.  There is plenty of room to stand up as well as storage for bags and souvenirs.

A Grand Canyon tour bus

If you choose to take a small group South or West Rim tour, you will ride in a 12-passenger Mercedes Sprinter van. There is extra leg room and ceilings tall enough to stand in these vans as well. Having your own personal tour guide will allow your small group to customize your tour as well.

Small group Grand Canyon tours travel in a Mercedes Sprinter

Traveling Along Route 66

One exclusive feature of traveling with Grand Canyon Destinations is that all our Grand Canyon tours see Route 66. Whether you take a South Rim or West Rim excursion, you will travel along historic Route 66 for over 50 miles on your journey. Many companies bypass this route in favor of the modern bypass highway. However, you cannot beat the views and experience of old Route 66. This roadway is nearly 100 years old, and your tour guide will be sure to share some of that amazing history with you along the drive.


Guided Walking Grand Canyon Tours

We provide guided walking tours to the canyon too. These tours allow guests to learn about the history of the area along with desert animals and plants. Small tour groups can go by a 12-passenger, luxury Mercedes Sprinter van to see all that a South Rim day tour has to offer. We travel to the more popular areas such as Grand Canyon National Park and the West Rim, as well as to scenic canyon areas in southern Utah. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends, or solo, we can help you find just the right option for a day trip from Las Vegas.

Tours To Grand Canyon National Park

You will love taking one of the Grand Canyon tours to the park, as you can plan this journey anytime. The park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While the South Rim is quite popular with tourists, the North Rim of the canyon is only open from the middle part of May to October. Therefore, North Rim tours are not as popular as a South Rim day trip or a West Rim bus tour.

Canyon Facts

Before you take one of our day trips from Las Vegas to the South Rim, it’s nice to know some facts about the canyon itself. The canyon is 277 miles in length. The Colorado River, at the canyon’s base, has carved out the rock of the canyon for about 6 million years. South Rim of the canyon became part of the US National Park system on February 26, 1919. Grand Canyon National Park is the second-most visited national park in the US after the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee. The park sees about 6 million visitors annually.

For answers to more questions, such as, where is the Grand Canyon located, check out the national park website.

How Long It Takes To Reach Your Destination

If you go on one of our Las Vegas tours by bus, it will take about 4.5 hours to get to the park entrance. That is why we leave early in the morning at 6:00 am for our regular and rim VIP trips. We want you to be able to spend at least three hours inside the park once we reach the South Rim. From Las Vegas the park is about 280 miles away.

Travel Along Famous Route 66

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is visited the most often of any location. You will love taking the rim day trip to the South Rim, as you don’t have to check in at a terminal, nor have to wait in line. Enjoy the desert-scape of the Mohave Desert, as one of the buses takes you to your destination along the famous Route 66.

Grand Canyon Village

One of the areas of the most well known areas is the Grand Canyon Village. This is one of the featured attractions of Grand Canyon tours and rim tours within the park. This trip from Las Vegas may be taken by luxury bus, as a guided walking tour, or as rim day trip for small or large groups.

Some Of The Rim Hotels

If you wish to spend a longer time in the park and not take one of the rim day trip excursions, you can arrange to stay at one of the rim hotels as part of your experience. One of the popular hotels on the South Rim is the historic El Tovar, which features 78 rooms. The Bright Angel Hotel feature 86 units. Two hotels that sit on the canyon’s rim include the Kachina Lodge and the Thunderbird Lodge. Therefore, you have several options if you don’t want to hurry back to Las Vegas.

How To Make The Most Of Your Time In The South Rim

You will find, once you enter Grand Canyon National Park, that three sections are part of the South Rim. These sections include Desert View Road, Hermit Road, and the Village. Each part offers a slightly different canyon experience when taking a South Rim day trip.

These sections are well known by travelers to the South Rim, unlike the areas of the North Rim. The North Rim is more remote and does not feature interactive buildings and activities. It is also closed in the winter time, which makes Grand Canyon North Rim tours rare journeys.

For example, you may want to rent a bicycle and bike along the 7-mile-long Hermit Road at the South Rim. Hermit Road begins at the Village and ends at the landmark of Hermit’s Rest. You can either bike or visit the viewpoints along the road by shuttle. The shuttle runs from March 1 until November 30. You must hike or take a bike from December to February. We recommend biking along the road, as it is easier than hopping on and off a shuttle, and much quicker than walking.

Popular South Rim Viewpoints

The viewpoints in the South Rim will give you some stunning views of the surrounding rockscape. Some of the popular venues include Mather Point, Yavapai Point, and Bright Angel Lodge. Mather Point can be seen at the beginning of a South Rim tour, while Yavapai point is at the halfway point on a walking tour, and Bright Angel Lodge is the ending point. All provide amazing and different views into the canyon.

View into the South Rim seen on Grand Canyon tours

Walking The South Rim Trail Of Time

You might also want to walk the South Rim Trail. This trail accommodates hikers and walkers of various skills and abilities, as most of the trail is paved and flat. The trail, which follows the perimeter of the rim, stretches 13 miles or 21 km from Hermit’s Rest to the South Kaibab trailhead. If you don’t want to walk all the 13 miles, you can always choose a small part of the trail to walk and use the shuttle part of the time.

Bright Angel Trail

One of the popular trails on the South Rim is the Bright Angel Trail. This trail, which is easily accessible, begins at Grand Canyon Village. Bright Angel Trail begins at the South Rim and finishes at Bright Angel Campground, close to the Colorado River. In total, the trail is about 9.5 miles in length and descends almost 4,400 feet. Like the South Rim Trail, you can hike part of the trail on one of our day trips, as it is difficult to walk the trail and come back in the same day. Therefore, we recommend that you hike part of the trail and turn around.

When you take one of our Las Vegas tours, you can make the trip extra special by adding some unique activities. As mentioned, our Grand Canyon tours are adaptable to allow you to add any excursions you are interested in. This may mean you want to include one of the airplane tours at the South Rim, which can be arranged if you book in advance. Seeing Bright Angel Lodge and the expansive South Rim of the canyon from an air tour is an incredible site to see. Keep in mind that many activities are not possible during a one-day tour. However, you can take a bus tour to the canyon, stay the night, and return the following day on our bus tour.

Whatever form your tour takes, we are here to make the trip fun and memorable. Taking one of our tours and communicating with our tour guides makes day trip tours in Grand Canyon locations that much more memorable.

Shortening Your Excursion Along Bright Angel Trail

One of the hiking options you can take on a canyon day trip along Bright Angel Trail is walking 1.5 miles to the resthouse. The path is a 3-mile round trip that allows you to descend a switchback trail on the rim.

More ambitious hikers hike the Bright Angel Trail to the Indian Garden, which offers a 9-mile roundtrip adventure. After you past the resthouse on this trail, the path levels out, although you are still descending down the trail. Don’t try to go past the Indian Garden in the summer, as the thermometer can read triple-digit Fahrenheit temperatures.

Plateau Point

If you choose to take the trail when it is cooler, you may pursue an adventure down Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point. This 12-mile round-trip hike is beyond Indian Garden, and permits trail-goers to see a great view of the Colorado River.

A Tip For Hikers Who Hike Bright Angel Trail

One tip to remember when hiking the Bright Angel Trail is that going down the trail is much easier than returning, as you are walking up an incline. If you take the Bright Angel Trail, it is best to begin early, and arm yourself with plenty of water and salty snacks. You should also give yourself ample time to return from your hike, back to the rim. If you go on one of our day trips, you should pursue the 3-mile resthouse turnaround trail.

Visiting The IMAX Theater At The Visitor Center

If you want to forego hiking altogether, you can enjoy a movie at the IMAX theater in the park Visitors Center. The 34-minute Grand Canyon production may not be the same as seeing the canyon itself, but it will give you a good introduction to the canyon and its history. It also allows you to escape the heat in the summer in a comfortable, air-conditioned theater.

Visiting The Grand Canyon Skywalk At The West Rim

You can also experience tours to the West Rim and Skywalk. A Skywalk tour will take you to Grand Canyon West, owned and inhabited by the Hualapai tribe. When taking a West Rim bus tour, you can travel on our fully equipped bus and take in the sights from panoramic windows. A West Rim guided tour is also included for day travelers. This type of trip is popular, as it permits visitors to interact and engage in the tour activity.

If you are vacationing with a small group in Las Vegas, ask about our VIP West Rim bus tour for small groups. We can take up to 12 guests to the West Rim in a Mercedes Sprinter. One of our tour guides will serve as your personal tour escort.

Grand Canyon tours to the West Rim allow you to see the Colorado River here

Some Facts About The Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a must-see attraction at Grand Canyon West. The bridge is made of reinforced glass creating a see-through platform that allows visitors to see down to the canyon floor. Don’t worry about the sturdiness of the glass bridge. It can hold as many as 70 jets, fully loaded with travelers. Only 120 visitors are allowed on the bridge at one time.

Zion National Park And Hoover Dam

We also can take you to Zion National Park, located in Utah. This popular tour option allows you to explore Zion Canyon in Southern Utah in the day and return to Las Vegas at night. If you would like to take a short, half-day tour to the Hoover Dam, we also offer this tour. You can take an express tour or one of our classic Hoover Dam tours, which includes an underground tour of the powerplant.

Unique Grand Canyon Activities

A rim bus tour may lead to the South Rim or West Rim. Grand Canyon tours can take various forms depending on what you would like to see and do. For example, you may want to schedule a mule ride as one of the activities on a canyon trip.

This type of pursuit must be scheduled well in advance, as it is one of the unique outdoor activities at the canyon. You just need to decide which hotel you want to include on your itinerary. You may wish to fly to the West Rim and view the Skywalk, or go toward the North Rim or South Rim on one of the Grand Canyon tours. We can customize a travel plan according to your needs and preferences when you take a tour. In addition to our regular excursions, we can also work with you to plan a personalized journey.

Other Travel Experiences

Considering how breathtaking the Grand Canyon is, it is easy to see why national park tours are such popular escapes from Las Vegas. Grand Canyon tours can also include the following activities:

  • Grand Canyon National park tours can be lead by our professional tour guides or led by rangers in the park.
  • A railway excursion into the park by an old-fashioned steam locomotive. This type of adventure tour is available during the summer months.
  • Grand Canyon Village is where you can see historic sites. You can take the shuttle or walk the length of the village, which has been proclaimed a historic landmark site.
  • Hoover Dam tours are offered as half-day tours to the Hoover Dam.

Best Times To Visit

Grand Canyon Destinations can take you to Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, or Hoover Dam. Peak season at the canyon are the summer months, leaving spring and fall less crowded times to visit. Not only is the weather more temperate, the number of people thin out during these times. If you travel from June to September, expect to see larger crowds.

By taking one of our tours, you can get to your destination without worrying about parking or access. A day trip to the South Rim or West Rim is always a fun travel choice from Las Vegas. It also gives you a break in your regular vacation routine.

A guest and a walking tour guide on a West Rim tour

What To Expect On A South Rim Or West Rim Journey

The travel time to the South Rim of the canyon is longer than to the West Rim. Therefore, tour buses leave around 6:00 AM for the South Rim. If you visit the West Rim, the tour bus will pick you up from or near your hotel at around 7:00 AM.

What To Wear At The Grand Canyon

When visiting any part of the Grand Canyon, make sure you dress in layers and wear sunscreen. The sun can reflect strongly off canyon walls. The weather can also change in an instant, especially if you go from one elevation to the next. Be prepared when you visit Zion National Park or the canyon. The walls of the canyons capture the heat of the sun during the summer and the trails can be especially dangerous when it snows.

While the surrounding sights around Las Vegas are beautiful, you still have to make sure that you stay protected from the outside elements. We can help with all your Grand Canyon travel needs. Take one of our canyon tours here at Grand Canyon Destinations, or choose to travel to Utah. Our friendly tour guides and well-equipped buses will make any initial tour of the sites informative and interesting.


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